Where can I fish in Botany Bay?

Where can I fish on Botany Bay on a boat?

Molineaux Point, the end of the third runway, the Tugs, Bare Island, Watts Reef, the Hot Water Outlet and the Oil Wharf are all be places to try for kingfish. Many anglers, even those who have fished Botany Bay for years, incorrectly think that Molineaux Point is the only place where you can get kingfish.

Where is snapper in Botany Bay?


Snapper hold around reef and gravel beds. I usually anchor over the right type of bottom and berley with pilchard cubes and fish floaters, no different from fishing for trevally back in Botany Bay, but if the current is too fast your berley will float on top.

Where can I find kingfish in Botany Bay?

Gary’s Top Tips For Kingfish In Botany Bay

  1. Yellowtail kingfish can be caught from Botany Bay all year around. …
  2. Kingfish can be found on the reef structures, around wharves, under ship mooring buoys, around weed beds, cockle beds and even over sandy bottoms at times.

Is Botany Bay good for fishing?

A day on the bay

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Botany Bay provides anglers with top fishing all year, your day will be spent targeting a wide range of species that call the bay home. Spend a day fishing this great location and learning spots and methods along the way. Botany Bay provides flat water fishing with calm conditions most days.

What is happening to Botany Bay?

There are proposals to develop the historic mill into an industrial and commercial space. Plans to redevelop the iconic Botany Bay and turn it into commercial space have been resubmitted after the outlet village scheme was scrapped at the end of 2020.

Where is 12 Mile Reef?

Map of Sydney 12 Mile Reef, NSW

The Sydney 12 Mile Reef lies about 18.1 km (9.79 nautical miles) off the coast of New South Wales in the Tasman Sea which is part of the South Pacific Ocean (show New South Wales on map).

Where can I catch snapper in Sydney Harbour?

It is best to catch snapper is in the early morning fishing or later afternoon fishing are the best times to catch Pink Snapper off the coast of Cronulla, Sydney. The pink snapper swim in depths ranging from 20 metres to 200 metres. And generally the further you are from shore the bigger the snapper get.

Where can I fish in Sydney Harbour?

Best Fishing Spots In Sydney

  • Manly Dam, Manly Vale. …
  • Gladesville Wharf, Parramatta River. …
  • Clarkes Point Reserve, Parramatta & Lane Cove Rivers. …
  • Tom Uglys Bridge, Georges River. …
  • Gunnamatta Bay, Port Hacking. …
  • Blues Point Reserve, Sydney Harbour. …
  • Beulah Street Wharf, Sydney Harbour. …
  • Cliffton Gardens, Mosman.
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How do you get to Botany Bay SC?

How to Get There: → Take SC Highway 174 towards Edisto Beach. Turn left onto Botany Bay Road, located about 8.5 miles south of the McKinley Washington Bridge. Follow the dirt road about 2 miles to near where the road dead-ends. Turn left at the gate and into the property.

How do I get a NSW fishing Licence?

You can purchase your recreational licence:

  1. online.
  2. by calling 1300 369 365 (Visa and Mastercard only)
  3. from hundreds of standard and gold fishing fee agents.
  4. from Service NSW Centres (Visa and Mastercard only) find my local service NSW centre.

Where can I fish in La Perouse?

Yarra bay for flatties off the sand. After some bigger stuff, salmon, kings etc, head around to Browns rock beside the golf course. You can catch some squid and yakkas there for live bait but it does get busy.

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