How do you get the Crimson Gold shark in Fish Tycoon 2?

How do you get the Crimson Gold Shark?


  1. Canary + Greenfin.
  2. Canary + Razorback.
  3. Crimson + Crimson.
  4. Crimson + Spined.
  5. Fanned + Finless.
  6. Fanned + Twin-Fin.
  7. Finless + Pink.
  8. Flagged + Pink.

How do you get goldfish in Fish Tycoon 2?

Breeding By Species

My personal favorite is how to make Gold Fish: Spotanus + Beta = Goldfish. You can get a wide variety of species from hatching eggs as well. Keep in mind that while you are breeding that you can only keep rare fish alive in a tank with a high quality environment.

How do you get a Fatfish spin in Fish Tycoon 2?

The Spined Fatfish can be obtained from Common Fish Eggs.

How do you breed a silky stickfish in Fish Tycoon 2?


  1. Bananafish + Fire-Arrow.
  2. Bananafish + Goldshark.
  3. Beta + Flashfish.
  4. Beta + Fruitfish.
  5. Carp + Flashfish.
  6. Carp + Goldbulb.
  7. Comet + Grouper.
  8. Comet + Leaffish.
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How do you make a gold orange bulb?


  1. Canary + Golden.
  2. Canary + Oriental.
  3. Crimson + Snubbed.
  4. Crimson + Wasp.
  5. Fanned + Speckled.
  6. Fanned + Stubby.
  7. Golden + Wasp.
  8. Great-Sail + Silky.

How do you get a Greenfin Spotanus in Fish Tycoon?

The Greenfin Spotanus can be obtained from Common Fish Eggs.

What is the most expensive fish in Fish Tycoon 2?

The golden guppy is the most expensive fish in the game.

How long does it take for fish to grow in Fish Tycoon 2?

It takes roughly a single real time hour for the fish to reach 6 years of age, so to become an adult (20 years old), it would take almost 3 and a half real time hours from the time they hatch.

What are the magic fish in Fish Tycoon 2?

Now let’s take a look at the seven different magic fish in detail.

  • Magic Fish of Nutrition (Striped Tiger Fish) …
  • The Magic Fish of Recuperation (Peachy Gold shark) …
  • The Magic Fish of Vigor (Tangerine Goldfsh) …
  • The Magic Fish of Maturity (Canary Carp) …
  • The Magic Fish of Spawning (Razorback Flashfish)

How do you breed a Greenfin Leaffish?

  1. Bananafish + Comet.
  2. Bananafish + Goldbulb.
  3. Beta + Grouper.
  4. Beta + Stickfish.
  5. Carp + Grouper.
  6. Carp + Leaffish.
  7. Comet + Pigmy.
  8. Flashfish + Quicksilver.

How do I get speckled Leaffish?

SPECKLED LEAFFISH (MAGIC FISH #2) (1) Breed a Twin-Fin Shark with a Twin-Fin Fruitfish. Both of these fish will, at some point, be born in your tank if you regularly buy eggs (the cheapest eggs will usually produce both of these fish).

How do you succeed in Fish Tycoon?

Fish Tycoon Tips

  1. Get Rid of Sick Fish.
  2. Buy Common Eggs.
  3. Early Fish Breeding Tip.
  4. Watch out for Tank Limits.
  5. The Best First Purchase.
  6. Record Breed Combinations.
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How do you make a wasp grouper in Fish Tycoon?


  1. Canary + Snubbed.
  2. Canary + Wasp.
  3. Crimson + Hornet.
  4. Crimson + Tiger.
  5. Fanned + Golden.
  6. Fanned + Oriental.
  7. Golden + Hornet.
  8. Orange + Pink.

How do you breed Oriental Goldbulb?


  1. Canary + Crimson.
  2. Canary + Spined.
  3. Crimson + Orange.
  4. Fanned + Greenfin.
  5. Fanned + Razorback.
  6. Finless + Silky.
  7. Flagged + Silky.
  8. Flagged + Tiger.

How do you breed fish in Tycoon?


  1. To breed two fish drag one into the isolation tank and drag the other over this.
  2. In Fish Tycoon there’s no gender.
  3. Pregnant fish can breed a non-pregnant fish.
  4. Sick fish cannot be impregnated.
  5. Breeding two identical species produces offsprings of the same species.
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