Your question: What is fish software?

What is fish in Linux?

FISH is a user-friendly, interactive shell designed to work with any other shell like bash or ZSH. … It is designed in such a way that users get powerful features that is easy to discover, remember and use.

What is fish in terminal?

fish is a smart and user-friendly command line. shell for Linux, macOS, and the rest of the family.

How do you fish on a Mac?

Installing Fish shell on MacOS

  1. Install Fish. brew install fish. …
  2. Add fish to the know shells. sudo sh -c ‘echo /usr/local/bin/fish >> /etc/shells’ …
  3. Set fish as the default shell. chsh -s /usr/local/bin/fish. …
  4. Add brew binaries in fish path. …
  5. Optionnaly configure the shell (launch web interface)

How do you install fish on Windows?

There are many ways to install WLS, ill showing easiest.

  1. Firstly, launch Settings.
  2. Then, tap on Applications.
  3. After that, tap the ‘Programs and Features’ option. …
  4. Next, tap on a ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ tab.
  5. Then, put a tick on the Windows Subsystem for Linux square.
  6. After that, tap on the OK option.
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Is fish better than zsh?

Fish, or the “Friendly Interactive Shell,” is the most user-friendly and interactive shell, in my opinion. It is much more customizable than Zsh and Bash. It has a ton of cool features like consistent syntax, nice tab completion and syntax highlighting, is easy to pick up and use, and has excellent runtime help.

How do I switch to fish?

Switching to fish? If you wish to use fish (or any other shell) as your default shell, you need to enter your new shell’s executable /usr/local/bin/fish in two places: add /usr/local/bin/fish to /etc/shells. change your default shell with chsh -s to /usr/local/bin/fish.

Where is my fish config file?

The configuration file runs at every login and is located at ~/. config/fish/config. fish . Adding commands or functions to the file will execute/define them when opening a terminal, similar to .

Where are fish functions stored?

For the first issue, all functions live in your home directory under ~/. config/fish/functions . They’re automatically loaded to the list of functions you can access from the fish shell, so there’s no need to add the directory to the path yourself.

Where do I put my fish function?

The functions shipped with fish, usually installed in /usr/share/fish/functions (really $__fish_data_dir/functions ).

How do I install Oh my fish on Mac?

To install fish it’s quite simple, just begin by issuing the following commands:

  1. brew update brew install fish.
  2. sudo echo ‘/usr/local/bin/fish’ >> /etc/shells.
  3. chsh -s /usr/local/bin/fish.
  4. curl -L | fish.


What is the default shell on Mac?

Starting with macOS Catalina, Macs will now use zsh as the default login shell and interactive shell across the operating system. All newly created user accounts in macOS Catalina will use zsh by default.

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How do I uninstall fish from MAC?

To uninstall the fish shell, change the default shell to something else (like bash), and then run the following commands, adjusting the paths if fish was installed somewhere other than /usr/local : rm -rf /usr/local/etc/fish /usr/local/share/fish ~/. config/fish. rm /usr/local/share/man/man1/fish*.

How do I switch from bash to fish?

Very easy:

  1. from FISH to BASH : In your Fish terminal, type bash –login to switch to Bash.
  2. from BASH to FISH : In your Bash terminal, type fish to switch to Fish.


Is fish better than bash?

While Bash is a good shell, Fish is better. It makes up for a lot of the shortcomings Bash and other shells have. The auto-complete function is a lifesaver, and the robust configuration options are a welcome addition. The shell is very fast and light on it’s feet.

Should I use zsh or bash?

For the most part bash and zsh are almost identical which is a relief. Navigation is the same between the two. The commands you learned for bash will also work in zsh although they may function differently on output. Zsh seems to be much more customizable than bash.

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