Your question: How do you catch fish in Mabel Lake?

While trolling, try locating large bait balls or clusters of smaller fish. The Lake Trout tend to position themselves around 10 feet below this forage while they are actively feeding. Also watch for drop offs and humps along the lake bottom as the fish will position themselves in these areas.

Is Mabel Lake good for fishing?


If fishing is your passion, come early in the season for Rainbow Trout, or try your luck at landing a ‘big one’ during the Salmon run from mid August through to mid September. Mabel Lake offers great trout fishing throughout the summer season and fantastic salmon fishing during late summer.

What kind of fish are in Lake Mabel?

Озеро Мейбел/Виды рыб

How do you fish for lake trout in BC?

For Lake Trout, try to stay in 30 to 60 feet and close to shore. If you come across a spot and catch a trout, odds are there are more of them there. The wind is very important when trout fishing. Traditionally for warm water fish like Walleye or Pike, you would fish on the side of the lake were the wind is blowing.

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How do you catch salmon in a lake?

For landlocked salmon, troll crankbaits, spoons or streamer flies near the surface after ice-out. Use alewife herring and golden shiners. When drifting live bait from a boat, use a #4 or #6 hook approximately 2 feet below a barrel swivel, with enough weight to bring the bait down to the desired depths.

Can you fish in Okanagan Lake?

Okanagan Lake provides a wide variety of fishing opportunities for Kokanee, Lake Whitefish, Burbot and Rainbow Trout that can reach well over 20 pounds! … The lake also offers great fishing from shore for smaller rainbows, whitefish and pike minnows that provides terrific family fishing opportunities.

How do I get a BC fishing license online?

If you are under 16 and a resident of BC, you may sport fish without any licence or stamp but must still abide by the regulations. You can purchase your non-tidal/freshwater fishing licence online through the government of B.C.’s website or in person from a participating vendor.

Where are lake trout in BC?

Where do they live? natural populations are widely scattered in lakes from Shuswap Lake northward. The species is absent from Vancouver Island and the Columbia system, but has been introduced to the lower Columbia, lower Kootenay, and Okanagan regions.

Where can I catch lake trout in BC?

Nestled in the Northern area of the Okanagan Region you will find Mabel Lake. This lake is by far one of the most productive fisheries in all of the Okanagan. Mabel Lake is home to numerous types of sport fish including Rainbow Trout, Kokanee, Chinook salmon, and Lake Trout!

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How many rods can you fish with in BC?

In salt water the amount of rods you use may not exceed the amount of licenced occupants in the boat unless everyone in the boat is licenced, which means if the boat has 4 occupants and only 2 of them are licenced you can only use 2 rods, if everyone in the boat is licenced you can use all the rods you want to.

What size trout can you keep in BC?

The size limit is usually measured in length. For example, the minimum size for trout caught in the tidal waters of BC is 30cm, so all trout must be 30cm or longer if you decide to keep them.

What is the best bait for shore fishing?

What’s the best bait for surf fishing?

  • Clams. Clams are a choice bait with surf fishing enthusiasts. …
  • Shrimp. Shrimp are one of the most popular baits to use when fishing in shore or from the beach, bridges and other coastal areas. …
  • Sand Fleas. …
  • Menhaden / Bunker. …
  • Mullet. …
  • Cut Bait.

How do I catch my first salmon?

One of the best ways to catch salmon is to use live bait such as roe (eggs). Other options include “cut bait”, which is a strip of fish, usually a herring or a smelt or using a “spoon” which is a thin, artificial lure that mimics the movement of fish when it moves. Some fishermen use flashtrap spinners as well.

What lure is best for salmon fishing?

These are the Best Salmon Fishing Lures:

  • Luhr Jensen Coyote Spoon.
  • Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Glow.
  • Pro-Troll ProChip Flasher.
  • Hotspot Flasher.
  • Acme Kastmaster.
  • Sougayilang Spinner Spoon.
  • Rapala Scatter Rap Jointed Lure.
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How deep do you fish for salmon?

Depending on your water depth, you can choose between a long or short arm. For perspective, anything deeper than 22 feet (6.7 meters) requires a long arm. Also, depending on your desired amount of physical exertion, you will have to choose between a manual or electric crank.

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