Your question: Can you put a spinning reel on a jigging rod?

Can you use a spinning reel on a jigging rod?

The only thing about using a spinning reel on a conventional rod is that you will get more “line drag” on the eyelets, and therefore not as much distance on the cast because of the way the line spools off the reel, but if you are only throwing a little way, and not trying to get past the “far sand bar” it won’t matter.

What type of reel is used for jigging?

Best Conventional Reel for Jigging – A well-mannered lead for You to Choose the Best Jigging Reel

Reel Good for
GOMEXUS LX50 Jigging Reel Saltwater jigging Check Price
Penn fathom conventional reel All kinds of trolling Check Price
SHIMANO Talica II Saltwater & Lake Check Price
Maxell hybrid jigging reel Saltwater Check Price

Can you slow pitch jig with a spinning reel?

Both conventional and spinning reels can be used for most slow-pitch applications. … Conventional reels do not need to be super-high speed for this type of jigging, and most anglers do not need 2-speed capability.

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Can you mix and match rods and reels?

Just as rods and reels must be matched, so must line and lures. Many anglers never consider this balance. If the line and lure are not balanced to the rod and reel even the most expensive outfit will not cast properly.

What is the difference between a jigging rod and a spinning rod?

A jig rod is often (but not always) short and designed to work line classes and lure weights that are relatively heavy. … Spinning rods are for exactly what you’d expect although the description goes a bit wider.

How long should a jigging leader line be?

longer than 6 ft is usually good enough, but I like to have 12 – 20 ft leader line. First, line get damaged while fighting tuna or scratching against bottom of a boat and you cut the damaged line.

What is the best slow pitch jigging reel?

  • Accurate Valiant Slow Pitch.
  • Accurate Valiant.
  • Daiwa Saltiga and Saltist Star.
  • Fin-Nor Primal.
  • Shimano Ocea Jigger.
  • Vertical Jigging.
  • Slow Pitch Jigging.

What are the best rods for jigging?

The Best Jigging Rod

  • SHIMANO TREVALA Graphite Jigging Rod.
  • Okuma Cedros Jigging Rod.
  • Fiblink Saltwater 1-Piece Jigging Rod.
  • Penn Rampage Casting Fishing Jigging Rod.
  • UglyStik Tiger Elite Spinning Fishing Jigging Rod.


What gear ratio is best for jigging?

High gear ratio reel | 7.1:1 thru 8.1:1

Topwaters, jerkbaits, jigs, plastics and even lipless crankbaits warrant the use of a high speed reel. These techniques create a lot of slack in your line, and if you get bit 30 yards away from the boat, a high gear ratio comes in handy for getting a solid hookset.

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How long should a slow pitch jigging leader be?

Leader. It’s common to have 5 to 8 meters of leader of Fluorocarbon. The leader is knotted to a solid ring, which is connected to a split ring which holds the jig and another solid ring with assist hooks.

Can you put any reel on any rod?

Can we technically put on ANY spinning reels to ANY spinning rods or how does it work? Well you could but its the size of the reel compared to the size of the rod that’s important. On the reel it should say the recommended lb test line and it should match closely to the recommended lb test on your rod.

Does any reel fit any rod?

No, they aren’t universal. You wouldn’t put a heavy saltwater reel on a 5-weight bamboo fly rod, for pete’s sake. The reel must match the rod. Spinning reel to spinning rod, baitcasting reel to baitcasting rod, fly reel to fly rod, etc.

What baits are best for spinning rods?

The lures on Ware’s spinning rods defy the norm: big tungsten weights made for punching thick vegetation; hollow-bodied floating frogs known for catching big bass; flipping jigs for gnarly brush; and even Z-Man Original ChatterBaits.

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