You asked: How do I choose a shower rod?

If you would like more room in the shower, consider a rod that curves outward. A shower above a claw foot tub calls for a circular rod while a corner shower requires one that is L-shaped. Measure the area to be sure you buy a rod that is the correct size.

What color shower rod should I use?

Keep It Consistent. Your shower curtain doesn’t have to be the exact same shade as your towels and bathmat. However, choosing colors in the same color family help pull the room together. The easiest way to match your accessories and your shower curtain is to pick white.

What size shower rod do I need?

Measure the width of the entire space the curtain will fit over. This typically is the front section of the shower or bathtub. Measure in inches, then choose a rod that fits the opening. Keep in mind that standard shower curtains are 70 or 72 inches wide.

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What are the different types of shower curtain rods?

Shower curtain rods have 5 main shapes. They are straight, curved, L-shaped, rectangle, and double. In addition to the shape, shower curtain rods will come as either tension adjustable or fixed. We’ll cover these two features in more detail below.

What should I look for when buying a shower curtain?

Mildew Resistant: If you live in a hot, humid part of the country or happen to have a bathroom that’s a breeding ground for mold (translation: it has little ventilation), choose a shower curtain liner that’s mildew resistant. Magnets: Shower curtain liners weighted with magnets are more likely to stay firmly in place.

What type of shower rod is best?

  • BEST OVERALL: BRIOFOX Shower Curtain Rods 42-72 Inches.
  • RUNNER-UP: TEECK Shower Curtain Rod, 40-73 inch.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Amazer Shower Curtain Rod, 42-72 Inches.
  • BEST FOR CORNER SHOWER: Sikaiqi L Shaped Shower Curtain Rod.
  • BEST FOR CORNER TUB: PrettyHome L Shaped Bathtub Corner Rod.

Why use double shower rods?

Because the double rod separates the curtain and liner, there is more space between the two, so drying is more efficient, reducing mold and mildew.” From a design point of view, the double rods can also help brighten things up by allowing you to leave the decorative curtain open while bathing to bring in more light.

Are there different sizes of shower rods?

As simple as it sounds, you may find yourself asking, what size shower curtain do I need? There are 3 standard shower curtain sizes, and they are 70 x 70 inches, 70 x 72 inches, and 72 x 72 inches. One of these 3 sizes will work for the showers found in most homes.

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What is standard size shower?

An ideal size for a standard shower is 3 feet by 5 feet, but they can be as small as 32 by 32 inches. The latter size is the absolute minimum size for a shower. One of the most affordable shower choices is a prefab shower kit. You can purchase shower kits in various sizes, ranging from 36 to 42 inches square.

Can you use a regular shower curtain for a stall shower?

You can use a regular shower curtain for a shower stall by cutting it so that it perfectly fits the size of the stall. A shower stall is usually half size of a regular shower curtain.

What’s the longest shower curtain?

Extra Long (72″ x 96″) Benjamin Solid Color Single Shower Curtain.

Why does my tension shower rod keep falling down?

Tension rods can fall if the walls of your shower are dry. Drywall causes the rods to become loose and end up falling due to a lack of strong support. In order to avoid this issue, ensure the rods have extra support such as by using glue shelf rubber lining on the walls as we have discussed below.

What are curved shower rods for?

Most curved shower curtain rods will provide up to 33% more room in the shower. The design of it keeps water inside the shower instead of leaking out onto the bathroom floor. It also keeps the wet, sticky shower curtain further away from your body so it doesn’t “attack” you like it does in closer quarters!

Do shower curtains go inside or outside the tub?

Ideally, the shower curtain liner is designed to go inside the tub while the shower curtain goes outside. However, if you do not have a shower curtain liner, then you may have to use your shower curtain inside the tub.

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What kind of shower curtain doesn’t need a liner?


Some varieties, like this one from Life Kind, are made with organic cotton and naturally repel water, so you don’t need a liner. Like hemp shower curtains, cotton ones generally are more expensive than plastic, so they may not be an option if you’re on a tight budget.

Should towels match shower curtain?

Consider the amount of space you have in your bathroom when picking your bath mat. Choose a color that works with the bath towels you choose and your shower curtain if you have one. If you choose solid-colored towels, consider a patterned bath mat to bring in some visual interest.

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