Why do we need to process food especially fish?

Why is fish processing important?

The fish processing industry is important in the attainment of self-sufficiency in fish. Fish processing prevents wastage and prolong the shell-life of highly perishable fish. It also increases the dollar reserve of the country through exportation.

Why proper handling and processing of fish is important?

When working with fish it is essential that proper handling and storage are used to reduce the risk of food-borne illness and ensure a quality product. You cannot see the harmful bacteria on the fish so you must handle it as if it is present.

What do you mean by fish processing?

Handling of fish at harvest / Onboard

Maintaining the quality of fish begins with harvest and carries through the harvest-to – consumption. Careful handling of fish and shellfish on board the vessel or during transport to the processing plant is critical if the high quality of the product is to be maintained.

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How do they process fish?

Preliminary processing of freshwater fish usually consists of the following steps or unit processes: evisceration, deheading, scaling, cutting of fins and belly flaps, slicing of whole fish into steaks, filleting, skinning, grinding of skinned fillets and different combinations of the above (Figure 3.1).

Why fish processing is called value added?

Value addition is the most talked about word in food–processing industry, particularly in export oriented fish processing industry because of the increased realisation of valuable foreign exchange. Value can be added to fish and fishery products according to the requirements of the different markets.

What is the importance of food processing?

Processing makes food more edible, palatable and safe, and preserves it so it can be eaten beyond the harvest season. Food processing is also a tool that offers greater variety in foods and therefore increases the consumer’s choice.

Can you identify and explain the parts and functions of fish?

Fish are animals that are cold-blooded, have fins and a backbone. … They are either single fins along the centerline of the fish, such as the dorsal (back) fins, caudal (tail) fin and anal fin, or paired fins, which include the pectoral (chest) and pelvic (hip) fins.

What is the safest method of thawing frozen fish?

The best way to thaw seafood is gradually by placing it in the refrigerator overnight. Avoid cross-contamination by placing the thawing seafood far away from any fresh produce items. 3. If you need to thaw a piece of fish quickly, place it in a zip-top bag and immerse in cold water.

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Can a fish feel pain?

Fish do not feel pain the way humans do, according to a team of neurobiologists, behavioral ecologists and fishery scientists. The researchers conclude that fish do not have the neuro-physiological capacity for a conscious awareness of pain. Fish do not feel pain the way humans do.

What are the basic concepts in fish processing?

The four basic procedures used in the final processing of fish products are heating, freezing, controlling water activity (by drying or adding chemicals), and irradiating.

What are the tools used in fish processing?

Tools and Equipment for Fish or Food Processing

  • Pressure Cooker.
  • Weighing Scales.
  • Triple beam balance.
  • Measuring spoons.
  • Measuring cup.
  • Thermometer.
  • Glass tube thermometer.
  • Salinometer.

What are the treatment of fish before storage?

As soon as fish are removed from a freezer, they should be glazed or wrapped (unless they have been packaged before freezing) and immediately transferred to a low temperature store. When it is known that storage will be for a short period only, glazing or wrapping may not be necessary or practical.

What are the fish preservation methods?

The four most popular methods of fish preservation are freezing, canning, smoking and pickling. Top quality fresh fish are essential for fish preservation.

What is packaging in fish processing?

Moreover, the packaging of fish products should ensure attractive presentation among other food products without contaminating them. Basic packaging materials include paper, cartons, sheets of metal, metal foils and many kinds of plastics.

How do you prepare fish for processing?

Steps in Salting

  1. Place the fish either in crushed ice or frozen brine.
  2. Remove the fins.
  3. Remove the head (optional).
  4. Split the fish along the dorsal section. …
  5. Remove the internal organs such as the intestines.
  6. Take out the black membrane of the fish.
  7. Wash the fish thoroughly and drain it a little.
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