Who does the voices in fish hooks?

Who voices fish hooks Bean?

Chelsea Kane is the voice of Bea Goldfishberg in Fish Hooks.

Did Alex Hirsch work on fish hooks?

Alex Hirsch was a screenwriter for the Cartoon Network series The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and the creator of Gravity Falls. He developed Fish Hooks for television alongside Maxwell Atoms.

Who plays Clamantha fish hooks?

Алекс ХиршРыбология

Is Oscar from fish hooks Morty?

He voiced Oscar in Fish Hooks, and the Earl of Lemongrab in Adventure Time. He is also the co-creator and executive producer of Rick and Morty, in which he voiced many characters. Roiland voiced The Delicious One in the 2D-animated commercials of Wienerschnitzel.

Justin Roiland
Relatives Amy Roiland

How old are they in fish hooks?

They dated one to approximately 11,000 years old and the other to between 23,000 and 16,000 years old — the earliest known example of fish-hook manufacture. The oldest previously known fish hooks are associated with the beginnings of agriculture, which in South East Asia was around 5,500 years ago, says O’Connor.

What type of fish is Oscar from fish hooks?

Oscar is part betta fish (“Doggonit”).

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Did fish hooks get Cancelled?

Fish Hooks was cancelled in 2013 and would not be renewed for a fourth season.

Is Bill Cipher still alive?

we may never know, and currently, the existence of bill cipher is in flux – he’s alive, and he’s not, at the same time. Yes and no. In the last episode of Gravity Falls, when they trap Bill in Stan’s mind, he gets erased. But he gets erased with the memory gun.

Who is Will cipher?

Reverse Bill, or also known as William Cipher, is a blue pyramid and the reversed version of Bill Cipher. Reverse Bill is powerful, but the twins are more powerful than him. The twins considered him to be their personal slave or puppet.

How old is Clamantha?

Age: 16
Height: 1’08
Nationality: Clamerican
Hometown: Bud’s Pets

Is Oscar from fish hooks a catfish?

Oscar is part betta fish (“Doggonit”).

Are Bea and Oscar dating?

The Oscar and Bea’s relationship (in fandom, known as OscBea or Beascar) is both the romantic and platonic pairing of the two main characters in Fish Hooks, Bea Goldfishberg and Oscar. They’re best friends, but Oscar is secretly in love with her and Bea didn’t know for a majority of the series.

What kind of fish is Finberley?

Finberley is an often injured redhead fish with pigtails and braces who attends Freshwater High.

Species: Redhead fish
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Nationality: American
Fishing trade