Where do you get fishing rod in platinum?

Games Method
FRLG Vermilion City (from the Vermilion City Fishing Guru)
DPPt Jubilife City (from the Fisherman in the gate to Route 218)

Where do fishing rods spawn?

Fishing rods can be found in chests or simply on the ground like weapons.

Where do I get the fishing rod in Pokemon White?

PKMN White 2: You get the fishing rod from Cedric, Proffesor Juniper`s father, in the labratory after the elite four.

Where is the old rod in Renegade Platinum?

After that struggle, head to the gate west of Jubilife and talk to the fisherman to get the Old Rod.

Can Old Rod only catch magikarp?

Old Rod: The Old Rod is the first fishing rod you typically come across. … You can usually only catch Magikarp with it. Good Rod: The Good Rod allows you to catch more common and uncommon type Pokemon while fishing.

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Where are the most fishing rod barrels?

Where to Find and Destroy Fishing Rod Barrels in Fortnite

  • Craggy Cliffs: 9 to 11 fishing rod barrels inside Cap’n Carp Bait and Tackle shop.
  • Lazy Lake: 7 fishing rod barrels throughout the POI, with 3 in town, one at the dock, and 3 across the river.
  • Lazy Lake Island: 8 fishing rod barrels spread across all the islands.


Does the pro fishing rod do damage?

The Pro Fishing Rod deals no damage and can be used an unlimited amount of times.

Where is exp share Pokemon White?

Share. Another Exp. Share can be found in the Pokemon Fan Club headquarters in Icirrus City.

What is the best rod in Pokemon?

The Good Rod normally allows encountering higher level Pokémon than the Old Rod, and the Super Rod normally allows encountering higher level Pokémon than the Good Rod. From Generation VII onward, there is only one rod, the Fishing Rod.

Where is the fishing rod in White 2?

Finding the Rod

This includes the original starting point for Pokémon Black and White, Nuvema Town, which will probably be the last town you’ll ever visit. Travel there and look in the professor’s laboratory. Cedric will be waiting, and he’ll hand over the Fishing Rod.

Can you catch Feebas with a good rod in platinum?

It really doesn’t matter which rod you use. Feebas will have a 50% appearance rate no matter what.

What is the best water type Pokemon in platinum?

Best water type pokemon in pokemon platinum??

Floatzel 9% [ 2 ]
Empoleon 17% [ 4 ]
Gyarados 39% [ 9 ]
Vaporeon 22% [ 5 ]
Lanturn 13% [ 3 ]
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Should I Nuzlocke renegade platinum?

You should not do this in Renegade Platinum. In fact, the game’s difficulty actively discourages you from doing so. You need to be training up Pokémon that are good and use them in battles where they’ll be needed. And on top of that, be prepared to sack them when they’re no longer useful.

Can you catch Shellder with old Rod?

Shellder can be caught in Pokémon Y at Route 8 by using the Good Rod.

Can you catch a Poliwag with an old Rod?

Poliwag can be caught on Routes 14, 15, 16, 19, and 21, in Laverre City, Frost Cavern, Couriway Town, Pokémon Village, and Victory Road using the Old Rod.

Can you catch psyduck with an old Rod?

Since you get the Super Rod before the Good Rod (Or at least… I do) you can just travel to Lavender (That means you will have 3 Badges, going for your 4th) before you can get a Psyduck. ;~; Get the Super Rod, then go fish for a Psyduck (It will be good training, since Psyduck is low % on the Super Rod.)

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