Where can I fly fish for bonefish?

Where can I find bonefish?

While bonefish can be found in the coastal waters in the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico, they are most common in the Keys, where, starting May and June, as the waters warm, they begin to flock to the flats to forage for shrimp and other small species of bait.

What is the best fly line for bonefish?

When you’re choosing a fly line for Bonefish, stealth matters.

  • RIO DirectCore Flats Pro Stealthtip Fly Line.
  • Airflo Ridge Tropical Clear Tip Fly Line.


Where can I fish for bonefish in Florida?

Bonefish are typically found in clear water less than one foot deep, which makes the Hawks Cay Marina an ideal starting point for any bonefishing adventure. Fortunately, the same conditions that make the Florida Keys excellent for bonefish make it an ideal area for tarpon fishing and snook fishing.

How hard is it to catch a bonefish?

And while bonefish aren’t picky eaters, they’re just as susceptible to pressure as any other fish and thus are generally more difficult to catch when they see a lot of anglers.

Can you keep a bonefish?

You had size restrictions and bag limits for the bonefish you catch or keep. Those days are over. Now Florida and its Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have changed the rules. You can only catch and release these beautiful bonefish.

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Who makes the best fly line?

8 New Fly Lines for 2019

  • Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity | $100.
  • RIO Big Nasty 4D Sink Tip | $100.
  • Amplitude Smooth Trout | $100.
  • Cortland Ultralight Trout Series | $90.
  • RIO Creek Fly Line | $80.
  • Cortland Bonefish Tropic Plus | $100.
  • Cortland Trout Boss DT | $90.
  • RIO DirectCore Bonefish | $120.

Where is the best bonefishing in Florida?

Here are the Top 5 Best Florida Bonefish destinations for anglers hunting the ghost!

  • Islamorada. Islamorada, not the most popular town in the Florida Keys it is known as the biggest for fishing. …
  • Key West. …
  • Miami. …
  • Fort Lauderdale & Palm Beach. …
  • Tampa.


What fish is in season Florida Keys?

Fishing Calendar

Fish Season Best
Cobia November – April January – March
Mutton Snapper Year Round March – May
Blue Marlin March – October April – May
Yellowtail Year Round April – June

Where is the best bonefishing?

The 8 Best Bonefishing Destinations in the World

  • Bahamas. Famous for well-known bonefish guides, islands home to some of the largest bonefish in the world, and easy accessibility, a Bahamas fly fishing trip is the quintessential bonefishing trip. …
  • Seychelles. …
  • Cuba. …
  • Cook Islands. …
  • Mexico. …
  • Christmas Island. …
  • Honduras.

What lures to use for bonefish?

Live shrimp is the bait of choice among spin fishermen, but cut shrimp, conch (in the Bahamas and Caribbean) and crab all work well. Best lures are “skimmer” jigs, 1/8 or 1/4 ounce, with horizontally flattened heads that help keep the hook upright.

What is the best bait for OIO?

If your using spinning tackle, just a piece of shrimp or ika on a single hook, (no weight), works. You might also sweeten your jig with a little piece of shrimp or ika too. I use to fly fish at Hickam flats a lot and orange wooly bugger flies worked really well. If you don’t fly fish maybe you could bubble rig them.

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