Where can I fish in Loudoun County?

Where can I go fishing in Loudoun County?

Loudoun County Fishing

  • Aldie Dam 6.9 miles.
  • Beaverdam Creek 6.9 miles.
  • Beaverdam Creek 2.2 miles.
  • Beaverdam Dam 6.9 miles.
  • Bell Dam 5.1 miles.
  • Bell Pond 5.1 miles.
  • Big Branch 4 miles.
  • Black Branch 5.8 miles.

Where can I fish in Ashburn VA?

Fishing Spots Near Ashburn VA

  • Black Hill Regional Park. Boyds, MD.
  • Seneca Creek State Park. Gaithersburg, MD.
  • Gambrill State Park. Frederick, MD.
  • Patuxent River State Park. Gaithersburg, MD.
  • Sky Meadows State Park. Delaplane, VA.
  • Mason Neck State Park. Lorton, VA.
  • Leesylvania State Park. Woodbridge, VA.
  • Smallwood State Park.

Where can I fish in Northern Virginia?

Places to Fish in Northern Virginia

  • Beaverdam Reservoir. This 350-acre reservoir is operated by the Loudoun Water Authority. …
  • Burke Lake Park. …
  • Fountainhead Regional Park. …
  • Franklin Park. …
  • Lake Brittle. …
  • Lake Curtis. …
  • Lake Fairfax Park. …
  • Pohick Bay Regional Park.


Is Tellico Lake good fishing?

Unlike other lakes in the area, the Tellico is a cool-water reservoir due to the cold-water inflows from Chilhowee Reservoir and the Tellico River. Fishing can be great at times, but the reservoir does not support high densities of fish or provide great reproduction conditions.

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Where can I go fishing in DC?

Best places to go fishing in DC region

  • Anacostia Park. 1900 Anacostia Drive SE, Washington, D.C. 20020. …
  • Fletcher’s Cove. 4940 Canal Road, NW, Washington, D.C. 20007. …
  • Potomac River — Tobytown boat launch. 12420 Pennyfield Lock Road, Tobytown, Maryland. …
  • Chesapeake Bay. …
  • Deep Creek Lake. …
  • Centennial Lake. …
  • Tuckahoe Lake. …
  • Johnson’s Pond.


How do I get a Virginia fishing license?

You can purchase your Virginia fishing license online, by phone or in person from a licensed agent. You can purchase your Virginia fishing license for yourself and others and receive them via email. You have different options to choose from, you can buy a short-term, annual or a lifetime license.

Can you eat fish from Burke Lake?

Walleye. Burke Lake walleye were initially stocked in 1979 to provide a diversified fishery. Walleye have been stocked in numerous lakes, as these excellent eating fish have become a prized game fish by many anglers.

Where is the best fishing in the Chesapeake Bay?

  • Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park. Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. …
  • Rocky Point Beach and Park. …
  • Kings Landing Park. …
  • Chapel Point State Park. …
  • Fort Smallwood Park. …
  • First Landing State Park. …
  • Kiptopeke State Park. …
  • Mallows Bay Park.

Can you fish Lake accotink?

Lake Accotink

It is generally a poor fishing water. Because of siltation, it is a shallow lake of three feet or less in most areas. Limited fishing generally centers on bluegill and catfish.

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Can you eat fish from Tellico Lake?

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has issued warnings for PCBs in Fort Loudoun, Melton Hill, Tellico and Watts Bar lakes. That means there are certain fish you shouldn’t eat from there, especially bottom feeders like catfish and largemouth bass.

Are there trout in Tellico Lake?

Tellico gets stocked annually with 5,000 to 6,000 trout, all in the same area. Fishing is popular in the spring and in the summer. Parksville, the last of Tennessee’s trout lakes, is a fairly small impoundment on the Ocoee River.

What is the water temperature in Tellico Lake?

Tellico Reservoir’s current water temperature is 75°F.

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