Where can I fish in Cronulla?

Location Fish Facilities
Como Pleasure Grounds Whiting Flathead Bream Toilets, carpark, bbqs and picnic shelters & playground

Can you fish at Cronulla?

Botany Bay, Port Hacking, Cronulla Beach and surrounding waterways provide a wide range of fishing opportunities from beach or jetty fishing to the more adventurous rock and boat fishing.

Can you fish in Sylvania Waters?

Sylvania Waters (Figure 1). All waters known as the Sylvania Waters Subdivision in Gwawley Bay is closed to all recreational fishing nets, except the landing net.

Where are the fish biting in Sydney?

Best Fishing Spots in Sydney

  1. Brighton-Le-Sands (Cooks River) …
  2. Manly Dam (Manly Vale) …
  3. Gordon’s Bay and Clovelly Beach (Clovelly) …
  4. Gunnamatta Bay (Port Hacking) …
  5. Gladesville Wharf (Parramatta River) …
  6. Clifton Gardens (Mosman) …
  7. Tom Uglys Bridge (Georges River) …
  8. Beulah Street Wharf (Sydney Harbour)


Where can I catch squid in Pittwater?

A few squid have started to show up in the bays along Pittwater. The best areas so far for squid are The Basin, Mackerel Beach and Palm Beach near the ferry wharves. The squid are favouring brighter coloured squid jigs of fluoro pink or orange and in hardbody squid jigs, flashy pilchard colours are working well.

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Can I go to Cronulla Beach?

Cronulla, derived from an Aboriginal word kurranulla meaning ‘place of pink seashells’, is located on the Bate Bay coastline in Sydney’s south. It is the only Sydney beach that can be reached by train, meaning you can visit without the headache of finding a car park.

Is gunnamatta Bay closed?

Open: Open all year except during scheduled maintenance.

Can you fish on Bondi Beach?

A number of fishing restrictions exist in the Sydney South area including Botany Bay, Port Hacking and beaches, rivers and streams from Bondi to Garie Beach. … Possession of any fishing gear in, on or adjacent to waters closed to fishing is prohibited.

Can you fish at Kurnell Beach?

Fishing. You can go fishing in Botany Bay from foreshore areas. A current NSW recreational fishing licence is required when fishing in all waters.

Can you spear fish at Gordons Bay?

You can spearfish, but not in Clovelly Bay, Gordons Bay and surrounding waters (see map).

Do fish bite when its windy?

The wind direction doesn’t cause fish to bite, but the reason behind the wind direction often does. For example, an east wind usually blows after a big cold front. … A bit of chop on the water reduces the visibility underwater, so fish can’t readily see the flaws in your bait.

Is recreational fishing banned in the Harbour? Recreational fishing in the Harbour has not been banned, but fishers are urged to follow dietary advice on the consumption of seafood from the Sydney Harbour, Parramatta River and other connected tidal waterways. Fishers can also continue to practise catch and release.

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What time is the best to go fishing?

Best Times to Fish

  • Early Morning. 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
  • Late Morning to Afternoon. 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Afternoon to Dusk. 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Where can I catch kingfish in Pittwater?

Most of the time Kingfish can be found between the mid water line and the bottom, especially in deeper water, but they can often be found in large schools chasing baitfish to the surface. They will also chase lures, bait and hooked fish to the surface quite readily, or follow those of their own kind when hooked.

Where do you catch squid in Hawkesbury River?

In NSW, the main catch of broad squid is by the Estuary Prawn Trawl Fishery, particularly in the Hawkesbury River system where they are targeted. Annual landings from the Hawkesbury are between 20 and 40 t. Bottle squid are also mostly caught in estuaries and are marketed for human consumption or bait.

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