What types of fish can you catch in Alaska?

Rainbow trout: Next to salmon, rainbow trout are what fishermen come to Alaska to fish for. Rainbow trout are a native game fish that also live in the sea, and are also known as steelhead trout.

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What seafood can you catch in Alaska?

Seafood Species

  • Coho Salmon. Fact Sheet > Coho Salmon. With its orange-red flesh, firm texture and delicate flavor, many consider coho the best salmon for grilling. …
  • Keta Salmon. Fact Sheet > Keta Salmon. …
  • King Salmon. Fact Sheet > King Salmon. …
  • Sockeye Salmon. Fact Sheet > Sockeye Salmon.

How many species of fish live in Alaska?


represent about 436 species: 52 freshwater or anadromous species and 384 salrwater species. Alaska has millions of fresh- water lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams.

Can you catch tuna in Alaska?

A skipjack tuna, another warm water fish, has been observed in Alaska waters.

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What is the biggest fish in Alaska?

Fourteen species of the biggest sport-caught fish in Alaska, as recognized by the state’s Department of Fish and Game:

  • Arctic Char / Dolly Varden (1) • Size: 27 pounds, 6 ounces. …
  • Burbot. • Size: 24 pounds, 12 ounces. …
  • King Salmon (2) • Size: 97 pounds, 4 ounces. …
  • Chum Salmon. …
  • Cutthroat Trout. …
  • Grayling. …
  • Halibut (3) …
  • Lake Trout (4)

Where is best salmon fishing in Alaska?

Arguably Alaska’s most popular sport fishing destination for King salmon, the Kenai River is just a three-and-a-half-hour (and incredibly beautiful) drive from Anchorage. The world record King salmon, weighing in at 97 pounds (the fish are about 60 pounds on average), was caught here in 1985.

Are lobsters caught in Alaska?

Alaska doesn’t have a Red Lobster. … Petersburg is more than 1,000 miles from where the bulk of Alaska crab is caught in the Bering Sea, but filmmakers favored the community for its setting with lush coastal, rain forest and plenty of nearby ice.

What is Alaska’s state food?

Alaska is famous for its wildlife, and though it doesn’t have any official state dishes, it does have an official state fish: the giant king salmon. The state commercially harvests more than 100 million salmon a year and it’s also one of the top vacation destinations for sport fishermen.

Does Anchorage have good seafood?

The seafood-savvy chefs at Anchorage’s best restaurants have got you covered. From sweet king crab legs to humble halibut tacos, dining out in Anchorage means eating the way many Alaskans dine in. Which is to say, beautifully. Salmon, in Alaska, is both a luxury and a staple.

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Is salmon a shark?

The salmon shark (Lamna ditropis) is a species of mackerel shark found in the northern Pacific ocean. As an apex predator, the salmon shark feeds on salmon, squid, sablefish, and herring.

Salmon shark
Class: Chondrichthyes
Order: Lamniformes
Family: Lamnidae
Genus: Lamna

Are there sunfish in Alaska?

Another worldwide warm water species, the Ocean sunfish Mola mola, often shows up in Alaska during warm water years. … They are usually more of an oceanic species, found mostly in surface waters far offshore.

Does Alaska have sturgeon?

There are two species of sturgeons in Alaska waters: white sturgeon and green sturgeon. Mainly, these are found in southeastern Alaska and the center of their distribution is in waters off the mouth of the Columbia River. The green sturgeon has a smaller range in Alaska and is the smaller of the two.

Where is tuna caught?

Tuna species are found throughout the world’s oceans. Atlantic, Pacific, and southern bluefin tuna are prized for the sushi and sashimi market. Skipjack, yellowfin, and bigeye tunas are found mainly in the tropics, while albacore, like bluefin, are also found in temperate waters.

Can you catch albacore in Alaska?

of albacore were landed in Oregon and Washington, and a vast, permanent fishery has now developed in the two states. Hit by a serious decline in pink salmon production, Southeastern Alaska*s faltering fishing industry would be greatly bolstered by the growth of an albacore fishery.

What fish live in the Gulf of Alaska?

Brook trout are distinguished from most trout and salmon by a lack of any black spots on their body. Lake trout — really a variety of char — take to Alaska’s cold lakes. Laker trout are Alaska’s largest freshwater fish.

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