What test curve is best for carp fishing?

If you are fishing larger waters and casting distances of 70-100+ yards then a test curve of 3lb – 3.5lb would perhaps be more suitable. It may also be worth looking at a 13ft model.

What does 2lb test curve mean?

With line threaded through the rings, you attach a weight close to the tip ring. Start off with 1lb on a rod assumed to be say 2lb test curve. … So the test curve of the rod equals the weight applied, the load, to bring the tip to 90 degrees from the butt.

What is the best rod for carp fishing?

In fact one of the best carp rods of 2019.

  • Daiwa Basia DF X45 TT Alps Carp Rod. Another one of the best carp rods. …
  • Nash Scope Black Ops Carp Rod. …
  • Nash Scope TT Cork Handle Carp Rod. …
  • Shimano TX2 Cork Carp Rod. …
  • Trakker Propel Carp Rod. …
  • Wychwood Maximiser 12ft 3.5lb Carp Rod. …
  • ESP Terry Hearn Classic Carp Rod 50mm.
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What should I look for in carp rods?

Carp fishing rod length is mainly based on what feels most comfortable for the angler. After using different length rods one will quickly figure out what works best. Most carp fishing rods come in 12′ to 13′ lengths. The main advantage of a longer rod is that it casts farther.

Is 3.5 tc too much?

A stiff 3.5lb TC rod is only good for casting long distances, and provides a more effective lever for the fish to use against you. A shorter, softer rod with a lower test curve is more powerful, and will exert more pressure on the fish, which is why rods for really powerful fish are short.

Is a higher test curve better?

But not any more. Modern rods with high test curves are actually more than adequate at playing fish in an enjoyable manner while still being able to hurl rigs hundreds of yards. … Some of these rods take a lot of power and timing to ‘compress’ – something that can take time to perfect.

Is 2.75 test curve good?

Out of the three test curves available a good starting point would be the 2.75lb test curve, this will cast leads and feeders to 3oz in weight, handle reel lines between 8-15lb and when used with good balanced tackle, send a bait to around a 100 yards.

What is the best size hook for carp fishing?

The best carp fishing hooks are #4 or #6 circle hooks. Some Europeans prefer #8 circle hooks for their smaller more indiscreet size.

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Are 10ft rods good for carp fishing?

Many anglers prefer 10-foot carp rods for fishing rivers and small lakes. This shorter length rod is also ideal for stalking carp around the margins because you can get amongst undergrowth and around trees much easier.

Are Wychwood carp rods any good?

The overall weight of the rod is superb, the lightweight carbon makes casting easy and smooth. … The 3lb test curve option is surprisingly strong whilst still giving you a bend in the tip when needed to reduce hook pulls and line breakages.

How many rods do you need for carp fishing?

A pair of rods will double your chances of catching but three rods can be a bit too much for all but very experienced carpers, as hooked fish can wipe out other lines.

How do you find the test curve of a rod?

Put simply, test curve is the weight required to bring the tip of the rod to a 90-degree angle to the butt while the butt is held horizontally. Imagine a rod clamped into a horizontal position by its handle. If you attach a weight close to the tip ring, the rod will begin to curve.

Why do carp rods have big eyes?

They use less whippings (turns around the rod to secure them in place) but will increase rod flexibility. The action in the tip may also feel a lot smoother! … On spod rods, you may find the tip will have a larger eye because braid will take its toll eventually if used on your standard carp rods.

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What test curve carp rod?


Most carp rods have test curves of between 2.25lb and 3.5lb. Most specialist Avon rods have test curves of between 1.25lb and 2lb. And predator rods to catch pike and catfish will have test curves of between 2.75lb and 5lb – they are the most powerful.

What is the best budget carp rod?

9 Best Carp Rods 2021 (*Now Updated!*)

  1. Daiwa Black Widow G50. Features. Light Carbon Blanks. …
  2. Nash Entity. Features. 6th generation advanced carbon banks. …
  3. Wychwood Extricator Plus. Features. …
  4. Fox EOS. Features. …
  5. Sonik Vader X. Features. …
  6. Shimano Tribal TX-9. Features. …
  7. Greys Prodigy Apex. Features. …
  8. Daiwa Longbow X45. Features.


What is the lightest carp rod?

Daiwa’s new Basia AGS is the world’s lightest carp rod.

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