What is the best strike indicator for fly fishing?

So, what is the best strike indicator for fly fishing? In short, the Thingamabobber is widely considered to be the best all-around strike indicator for fly fishing. Due to their buoyancy, ease of casting in windy conditions, and sensitivity to strikes, Thingamabobbers are hard to beat.

What size strike indicator do I need?

Smaller 1/2″ sizes are best for most trout streams. Move up to the larger 1″ and 1 1/2″ ones for bigger water and heavier nymphs (e.g. when dredging egg patterns and 3 lbs of lead for Great Lakes steelhead).

Do you need a strike indicator for fly fishing?

The short answer is that you never actually “need” a strike indicator. However, it requires less skill to catch fish with a strike indicator than without. You will typically have more success using one. Specifically, with nymphs this decision should be based on the size and weight of the fly.

Where does the strike indicator go on fly line?

Where should I attach the strike indicator? In most cases, the strike indicator will be attached to the leader immediately after the uppermost fly so everything else dangles beneath. You can also place the indicator further down your leader and have flies positioned above it.

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Do I need a strike indicator?

No, you do not need to use a strike indicator. This is known as “naked nymphing”, and at times, it may actually increase your odds of catching a fish. In particular, you should consider removing your indicator when you are fishing shallow water, stillwater, or sight-casting to fish feeding beneath the surface.

What is naked nymphing?

Naked slackline nymphing allows for the fly line to be on the water. Similar to traditional nymphing, you need to mend the line to get a good drift. Weighted flies are more ideal for detecting strikes, but you could use split shot as well.

How do you fly fish without a strike indicator?

8 Tips for Nymphing Without an Indicator

  1. Lead Your Fly Line. …
  2. Stay Connected. …
  3. Fish as Short a Line as Possible. …
  4. Keep as Much Fly Line off the Surface As Possible. …
  5. Watch For Ques. …
  6. Use a Highly Visible Fly Line. …
  7. Set on Anything. …
  8. Keep Your Fly in the Water.


Do you use a strike indicator with dry flies?

Another time an indicator is required in when fishing size twenty and smaller dry flies. In this case an indicator is necessary to keep track of the fly. In this case the indicator is usually another fly that you can see, or a conventional small strike indicator will also work.

How do you fish midges under indicators?

Use a small, lightweight indicator or a dry-dropper rig to ensure a delicate and sensitive presentation. In lakes, midges can be suspended in deep water from an indicator. You can also strip them through the water, especially in shallower lakes.

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Is a tippet?

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