What fish can you catch in April ACNH?

What fish can you catch in April in Animal Crossing?

Available in April

Name Price Location
Cherry salmon 1,000 River (Clifftop) Pond
Char 3,800 River (Clifftop) Pond
Golden trout 15,000 River (Clifftop)
Mitten crab 2,000 River

What bugs and fish are available in April ACNH?

There are 10 new Bugs available to catch with a Net during April on your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island!

  • Common Bluebottle. Hours. 4AM to 7PM. …
  • Agrias Butterfly. Hours. 8AM to 5PM. …
  • Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing. Hours. …
  • Atlas Moth. Hours. …
  • Madagascan Sunset Moth. Hours. …
  • Long Locust. Hours. …
  • Darner Dragonfly. Hours. …
  • Giant Water Bug. Hours.

What fish are leaving Animal Crossing New Horizons in April?

Fish and bugs leaving Animal Crossing: New Horizons after April (Southern Hemisphere)

Critter type Critter Time
Critter type Critter Time
Fish Ribbon Eel All day
Fish Giant Trevally All day
Fish Mahi-mahi All day

What sea creatures come out in April ACNH?

Sea Creatures Available in April

Name Shadow Price
Dungeness Crab Large 1900
Acorn Barnacle Ex.Small 600
Mantis Shrimp Medium 2500
Lobster Large 4500
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What is coming to Animal Crossing in April?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons April Fish — Northern Hemisphere. All Northern islands will have a total of 39 fish out of 80 up for grabs during April, and exactly 10 of these will be new species. … Butterfly Fish (1,000 Bells) are found in the ocean all day. Zebra Turkeyfish (500 Bells) are found in the ocean all day.

What is there to do in ACNH in April?

  • List of Events in April.
  • April Event Calendar.
  • April 1: Whoopee Cushion.
  • April 1 to 10: Cherry-Blossom Season (Northern Hemisphere)
  • April 1 to 30: Prom Clothes and Items.
  • April 1 to 10: Forsythia.
  • April 4: Bunny Day Ends.
  • April 10: C.J.’s Fishing Tourney.

What bugs come out in April?

Among those are ants, carpenter ants, spiders, earwigs, termites, and wasps.

Among the bugs that come out every spring are:

  • Carpenter ants.
  • Bedbugs.
  • Carpet beetles.
  • Spiders.
  • Carpenter bees.
  • Fleas.
  • Ticks.
  • Ants.


What bugs are available in April?

Available in April

Name Price Time
Common bluebottle 300 4am – 7pm
Paper kite butterfly 1,000 8am – 7pm
Agrias butterfly 3,000 8am – 5pm
Rajah Brooke’s birdwing 2,500 8am – 5pm

What fish go away in May Animal Crossing?

Fish Leaving in May

Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere
Golden Trout Barred Knifejaw
Loach Char
Oarfish Cherry Salmon
Golden Trout

What is the rarest sea creature in Animal Crossing?

The Gigas Giant Clam is by far the most valuable deep-sea creature so far. It appears as a huge shadow that moves in quick, long lunges. It is rare but active any time of day or night.

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