What did everyone talk about in the story Gopal and the Hilsa fish?

People were talking about Hilsa fish and nothing else. Even the court was not an exception. … He made and announcement to buy a Hilsa fish and to bring it to the palace without anyone asking a word about it. Gopal, one of the courtiers accepts the challenge.

What is the summary of Gopal and the Hilsa fish?

The king challenged Gopal to buy a huge Hilsa fish and bring it to the palace without anyone asking him about it. Gopal accepted the challenge. After a few days, Gopal shaved beard from half of his face and smeared ash on himself. He wore rags and looked disgraceful.

What is the theme of the story Gopal and the Hilsa fish?

The moral of the lesson – Gopal and the Hilsa Fish is nothing is impossible in the world. Smart people will make smart decisions and that’s the most important factor in how things turn out good for you. Smart people can achieve anything in the world with his or her intelligence.

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Why did the king no more talk about Hilsa fish?

Answer: The king didn’t want any talk about the hilsa-fish because his courtiers were not fishermen. It was below their dignity to talk about a fish.

What did Gopal do to take off people’s attention from the Hilsa fish?

Ans: Gopal’s half shaven face, smeared with ash, torn clothes attracted people’s attention. Therefore, nobody talked about the Hilsa fish bought by him.

Why is everyone talking about Hilsa?

Answer: The king did not want more talks about the hilsa-fish because he had become fed up of talks. Everyone in the court, in the market as well as all people of the city talking about hilsa-fish.

Why was it strange enough for Gopal?

It was strange enough because no one talked about Hilsa fish that day. These lines are spoken by Gopal to the king. He had come from the market to the court. He was expecting that anyone would talk about Hilsa fish.

Who was clever in the chapter Gopal and Hilsa fish?

Answer: The king asked Gopal to prove that he was clever so that while Gopal was on this challenge, he would try as much as possible that people didn’t speak anything about the Hilsa-fish. Question 3.

How was Mr Gessler a failure in business?

Mr Gessler was successful as a bootmaker because his customers were immensely satisfied with the boot he made. This perfectly fit them and lasted long. Yes, he was a failure as a competitive businessman. … He lost his customers because of the delay in delivery.

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How did Gopal dress up when he was going to by the Hilsa?

the king come with a challenge to Gopal that he should buy a Hilsa fish from the market and bring it to his palace without letting anyone ask him anything about it . He accept his challenge . Few days later, he dressed up like a beggar by showing holy face and smeared ashes.

Why does Gopal want Hilsa fish?

Solution: The king asked Gopal to buy a huge Hilsa fish from the market and to ensure that no one should talk to him about the fish on the entire way from the market to the palace.

What three things did Gopal do before buying the Hilsa fish?

Three things that Gopal did before he went to buy his hilsa-fish were— (i) He made his face half-shaven. (ii) He smeared himself with ash. (iii) He wore disgraceful rags.

Why did the king lose his temper?

The King was irritated that the courtiers of his palace were busy talking about hilsa-fish instead of discussing important state matters. … Therefore, he lost his temper when one of his courtiers mentioned about hilsa-fish.

What was Mr Gessler complaint about big firms?

What was Mr Gessler’s complaint against “big firms”? Answer: Mr Gessler complained that the big firms were making money through attracting customers by advertisements. They were not earning because of the quality of their work but because of the marketing.

What kind of clothes did Gopal wear when he went out to buy a Hilsa fish?

Answer. Before he went to buy hilsa fish, Gopalhalf-shaved his face, smeared himself with ash, and wore disgraceful rags.

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