What are the odds of getting an enchanted book from fishing?

Category Chance in category [note 1] LotS 1
Fish Weight 84.8%
Enchanted book [note 3] 16.7% (16) 1.2%
Fishing Rod [note 2] 16.7% (16) 1.2%
Name Tag 16.7% (16) 1.2%

What is the chance of getting an enchanted book from fishing with luck of the Sea 3?

Catching an enchanted fishing rod is every fisherman’s dream. There is a base chance of 0.8% to find one, however this chance can be raised to 1.9% with Luck of the Sea III.

What enchanted books can you get from fishing?

Fishing. Enchanted books can be obtained as a “treasure” item from fishing with a fishing rod as part of the “treasure” category. The book has the equivalent of a level 30 enchantment from an enchantment table, but treasure enchantments are available and the chance of multiple enchantments is not reduced.

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What is the chance of getting a fortune 3 book from fishing?

2 ( ~1.69% in 1.13) ought to contain a Fortune enchantment. The chance of getting Fortune III is controlled by the “modified enchantment level” which appears to be calcualated each time a book is ‘caught’.

How long does it take to get enchanted books from fishing?

After an hour of fishing with a fully enchanted fishing rod I usually get a lot of enchanted bows and rods, as well as about 3–5 enchanted books. It’s safe because you can enclose your fishing spot.

What is the rarest thing to fish in Minecraft?

1 Answer. There is a 0.9% chance of catching 10 ink sacs in a jungle biome, the rarest catch in the game. The second rarest is 1% for 10 ink sacs in a normal fishing environment.

What are the odds of getting mending from fishing?

With some experimentation I found the chance of an enchanted book, enchanted with the same parameters as fishing enchants books with, having mending is 3.7%.

Can you fish in lava in Minecraft?

Best Answer. Actually, as Johonn and Finn Rayment suggested in the comments above, lava does not interact properly with the fishing rod. It does not burn the lure, and it just (appears) to sink to the bottom of the lava pool, unlike when fishing in water, it will float.

How rare is a trident?

How to get the Minecraft trident. Head underwater and look for zombie mobs called Drowned. Occasionally, these chaps will spawn into the world holding a trident, so you simply have to defeat them for a chance of a trident dropping, but that chance is very small at 8.5%.

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Does lure affect luck of the sea?

Lure increases hit rate & Luck of the Sea increases the chance of good loot.

Can you fish for Fortune 3?

Yes, you can catch Fortune I/II and rarely Fortune III.

Can you get fortune 3 on a book?

Yes you can. Some stuff you can’t but Fortune 3 isn’t one of them. Usually if you can’t get it it’s a level 5 enchanted book and you have to make it by combining two level 4s. Or you can get the book by trading with Librarian villagers.

How rare is a mending villager?

First the type of enchantment is selected randomly and then after that the level of enchantment is selected randomly. This means the probability of choosing mending is 1/(number of enchantments) . In you simplified example of Sharpness and Infinity, there is 1/2 probability of choosing Sharpness.

Why can’t I put an enchanted book on my sword?

3 Answers. Any tool can only be enchanted once. If the tool has been previously enchanted, or you have used an enchanted book on it in the anvil, then it can not be re-enchanted regardless of how much experience you have. In addition to the Diamond Sword, you also need Lapis Lazulli (3) to enchant.

What is the best enchantment for armor?

Best Minecraft Armor Enchantments

  • Protection IV – All armor pieces should have this enchant. Each level of this enchant adds a 4% reduction in damage. …
  • Mending – Automatically repairs your armor using experience orbs. …
  • Unbreaking III – Armor lasts longer before breaking from durability.
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What does luck of the sea give you?

The Luck of the Sea enchantment increases your chances of catching valuable items such as saddles, name tags, enchanted books, enchanted fishing rods, and enchanted bows. You can add the Luck of the Sea enchantment to any fishing rod using an enchanting table, anvil, or game command.

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