Quick Answer: What is the best time to visit Pike Place Fish Market?

When is the best time to visit? Mornings before 12 pm are generally less crowded. Our less-visited times are late fall, winter and early spring, other than holidays. During peak summer months, weekday mornings are optimal times to visit.

Do they still throw fish at Pike Place Market?

Fish throwing

The Pike Place Fish Market is widely known for its custom of hurling customers’ orders across the shopping area. … Due to COVID-19, currently the fishmongers are NOT throwing fish (6/6/21).

Is Pike Place Market worth visiting?

If you’re in Seattle on business and can’t quite make it to the market during opening hours, the market is still worth a visit- and you’ll get to see a unique glimpse of the market that few tourists do! Neon signs illuminated at Pike Place Market.

What is Pike Place Market famous for?

Pike Place Market—the 108-year-old farmers’ market and Seattle tourist attraction which draws in more than 10 million visitors annually—is justly famous for its fishmongers, produce stalls, craft stands and specialty food shops, but there’s so much more to the Market than meets the eye.

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What should I not miss at Pike Place Market?

25 Things to do in Pike Place Market this Winter

  • Offer a tribute to the Gum Wall. …
  • Feed Rachel the Pig. …
  • See the world’s largest collection of giant shoes. …
  • Visit Golden Age Collectibles. …
  • Eat your way through history on a Savor Seattle Food Tour of Pike Place Market. …
  • Have a drink at Rachel’s Ginger Beer.


Is Pike Place Market safe at night?

Some additional advice, avoid walking around SODO and the ID (International District) alone at night, as there is a lot of mentally deranged and sketchy people who hang out there. Hockeygirl, Belltown is 1st and 2nd Ave (and kind of 3rd) north of Pike Place Market more or less until you hit Denny.

What food is Seattle most famous for?

Shellfish is a Seattle staple, from the many places to slurp fantastically briny oysters to those that serve up geoduck (pronounced “gooey duck”), an enormous, coveted clam that sometimes catches newcomers off guard with its odd appearance.

Is Pike Place Market Expensive?

Of course you must visit the iconic market when in Seattle but be prepared for overcrowding and inflated prices. It will cost you hundreds of dollars if you purchase one of the “flying” fish, for example. Enjoy the show and the people watching bit buy elsewhere!

Is Pike Place Market safe to visit?

If Pike street is a little seedy (especially at night) it doesn’t hurt to caution others who might think anything related to Pike Place Market is a tourist attraction and therefore relatively safe. People do need to be careful in all cities.

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Is Seattle very expensive?

Overall, Seattle is the sixth most expensive city in the report, tied with Boston. The cost of living is about 52% higher than average. That much isn’t new. Seattle first moved into the sixth-place spot in 2018.

How long do you need to see Seattle?

Seattle is good for 2-5 days and its easy to do a day trip to Mt. Rainier. You can take the Victoria Clipper to the San Juans or all the way to Victoria. I think thats plenty to do in 5 days.

Can you eat at Pike Place Market?

A joy for tourists and locals alike, Pike Place Market is a sprawling, sometimes confusing, vibrant collection of stalls and permanent establishments offering crafts and flowers, arts and entertainment, farmers and grocers and restaurants. And, yes, the famous flying fish.

What happened at Pike Place Market?

Businesses were forced to clean up across downtown Seattle Thursday after a group of protesters bashed windows and burned property Wednesday night. The famous original Starbucks at Pike Place Market was hit, with storefront windows bashed.

How long do you need at Pike Place Market?

4. Re: How Long to Explore Pike Place Market? Two hours should be more than enough. Actually, 90 minutes should do it.

How late is Pike Place Market Open?

General Market hours are from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Some restaurants offering takeout and delivery stay open until midnight. The Market is open 363 days a year, closed only on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

What is the famous market in Seattle?

With more than a century of history, Pike Place Market is the oldest continuously operating farmers market in the country and one of Seattle’s most popular draws.

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