Quick Answer: What is a mooching rod and reel?

While mooching and fly fishing are two completely different styles of fishing, mooching reels and fly reels are actually very similar. They are some of the simplest reels on the market; basically single action spools with a simple friction drag system. Mooching is a style of fishing for salmon from a boat on the ocean.

What is a mooching rod?

Mooching rods are specifically designed for this fishing. As long as eight to ten feet, they have a good backbone coupled with an extra fast taper on the tip. This super-flexible tip is a key ingredient in the tackle recipe.

What is a mooching rod and reel used for?

Administrator. Greg, as you alluded mooching reels are used on the western coast (mostly) for salmon. It is a very large arbor reel that has a direct drive to allow an angler to pick up a lot of line in one crank, much more line then say a spinning reel or bait-casting reel, thus why they use these sorts of reels.

What makes a good mooching rod?

A good mooching rod is one that is soft at the tip. In rod blank terms, it’s known as slow action. A slow action rod that’s suited for mooching should be at least 10 feet long. And if you look at some of the latest models that have been refined to an art form, they’re up to 12 feet long.

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What does Mooch mean in slang?

mooch in British English

(muːtʃ ) verb slang. 1. ( intransitive; often foll by around) to loiter or walk aimlessly.

What does mooch off mean?

transitive verb/intransitive verb. If someone mooches food, money, or help off of you, or if they mooch off of you, they ask you for food, money, or help, and succeed in getting it.

Can you cast with a mooching reel?

mooching reels generally lack that but you can turn the drag all the way down and disengage the clicker to get something close to a free spool action. If casting with enough weight they will cast a mile – hence some use them for bar fishing the Fraser with the massive weights used to fix the gear on the bottom.

What is the best mooching rod?

10 Best Mooching Rods

  • Okuma Fishing Tackle. Okuma Celilo Canadian Mooching Ultra Responsive Trolling Rod- CE-M-1062M. …
  • Rapala. Rapala RSC1060DRM2 RSC Moocher/Downrigger Rod, 10′ 6″, Medium, 2 Piece. …
  • 16% off. KUFA Sports. …
  • Ugly Stik. …
  • Okuma. …
  • Tica USA. …
  • SHIMANO. …
  • Fenwicks.

What’s another word for mooch?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for mooch, like: cadge, wander, bum, grub, sponge, pratting, 1ish, beg, drift, filch and skulk.

How does Mooch work Ffxiv?

Mooching is when you use a fish you’ve hooked already as bait for another fish. This can only be done with an HQ fish or with an NQ fish if you spend 100 GP to use Mooch II. … Mooch II can only be used within 15 seconds of hooking an NQ fish while an HQ fish can be held indefinitely for future use.

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