Quick Answer: How do you use your third eye when fishing?

Read the book and you will obtain the third eye ability. To use the ability, press L1 to spot which fish sparkle. This helps you determine which yields better points. This is handy for reeling in the points needed to purchase the best bait.

How do you unlock a fishing pond?

The fishing pond takes place in Ichigaya, which needs to be unlocked by reading the book “Fishpond Spotter.” Otherwise, Ryuji Sakamoto will invite the protagonist to visit on July 6th. When the protagonist travels to Ichigaya, he’ll need to pay ¥3,000 to fish during the day.

What does fishing give you Persona 5?

The book improves fishing so players can see fish easily with their third eye and where the fishing line needs to land in order to catch something useful. … After reading the book and improving their fishing, players need to gain around 400 points to purchase Top-class Boilie.

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How do you unlock the fishing p5r?

To unlock the fishing mini-game, you will need to read a specific book in the game called ‘Fishpond Spotter’. This will unlock an area where it is possible to catch fish. Additionally, you can also accept invitation given by Ryuji during certain point in the game which unlocks the fishing area and mini game.

What do fish do Persona 4?

Restores 10 SP to an ally. Restores 25 HP to an ally.

How do you catch the big fish in Persona 4?

Steps to catch the huge fish:

  1. Go fishing on a rainy day.
  2. Wait until there is a huge gap between ripples (like 4 seconds)
  3. Catch the huge fish.


Where is the fishing pond in p5r?

Persona 5 Trophy Guide. The fishing pond is located at Ichigaya. This location can be unlocked by accepting Ryuji’s invitation via text message on 7/3, but if you miss that or would rather spend your time elsewhere, you can just read the book called Fishpond Spotter instead.

How do you fish persona?

One is to read the book called “Fishpond Spotter” in-game, which will unlock an area on the map for you to catch fish. Alternatively, Ryuji will invite you to go fishing at some point in the story, which will also unlock the area. Once you’ve unlocked it fishing is a relatively simple task.

How do you fish at the river Persona 4?

When it’s under water, a short mini-game will play out. Use the left analog stick to keep in the blue section (middle) of a meter. When in the blue section, press the Circle Button to start reeling in. If you read a certain book about fishing, you can perform a quick reel after reeling it in a certain distance.

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What’s it called when you gain more muscle Persona 4?

April 25th:

What’s it called when you gain more muscle after getting sore through exercise? – Overcompensation.

Where is Shiroku Pub p4?

Old Lady Shiroku is the shop keeper at the Shiroku Store in the Central Shopping District. At night, the store become a pub that trades Gems for Weapons.

What can you do in Persona 5 on a rainy day?

Rain /Storms

Some Social Stat boosting activities will get a boost, including additional Charm for using the Yongen-Jaya Bathhouse (+3 instead of +2). Studying in the Shibuya Diner and Leblanc during the rain will also provide an extra +1 Knowledge. Increases encounter rate for rare enemies, including Treasure Demons.

How do I increase bond with Ryuji?

Ryuji will want to hang out and do some training behind the gym. He will say he is feeling slower then he used to and for battle he wants to build muscle. When you get the choice tell him “I’m counting on you” and that will give you a boost to friendship.

How do you catch a Genji Beetle?

Go fishing on a rainy day, catch the River Guardian, then come back and talk to the old fisherman again and he’ll give you a better rod and tips for the Sea Guardian. Once again, ask him about the types of bait to use, and this will unlock the appearance of Genji Beetles to catch at the shrine.

How do I get anglers debut?

After tossing out the line, wait for a fish to bite. Once it does, press interact again and begin to reel it in. You’ll need to hold the interact button while tilting the left analogue stick to balance the line. Keep the needle within the red area otherwise the line will snap and the fish will get away.

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