Quick Answer: How do you fish for dank Memer?

You cast out your fishing pole (which you can buy in the shop), and have a chance to catch a fish! There’s also a slight chance to encounter a “boss”, which has higher stakes but higher payout if you win the mini-game!

How do you fish in discord?

Since the bot was created in September 2019, over 400,000 individual users have played the game in over 65,000 servers. To start your journey, type %fish to cast your rod and catch fish. Fish can be sold for in-game money, which is used to buy items and upgrades such as higher quality rods and valuable perks.

How much does common fish sell for dank Memer?

Common fish: ⏣ 50. Above are the results of unscrambling dank. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. r/dankmemer: Dank Memer is a bot for Discord.

Is dank Memer getting banned?

Dank Memer was banned from Discord for people abusing commands. We’ve now been unbanned, but are ratelimited by cloudflare not allowing us to log in on the bot’s server for another 22 hours.

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What happens if you die in dank Memer?

If you die, you will lose all of you wallet coins and certain inventory items. … Running this command will present you with three random choices, and some locations yield more coins and others have a higher death rate.

How much is the fishing rod in discord?

Fishing Rod

Used to catch fish
ID 136
Level 5
Buy Price 500 Gold
Sell Price 125 Gold

Can you die from hunting dank Memer?

There is a rare chance that you are requested to enter a phrase in the next 10s. After doing so, you may get a dragon. Otherwise, your hunting rifle breaks so you need to purchase a new one. You can also die (meaning you lose all your money in your wallet) if you don’t type the phrase in time.

What do you do with rare fish in dank Memer?

You need a fishing pole, which can be purchased with 15,000 20,000 coins (Aug 2020), to use this command. After using, you get one of the following: common fish, rare fish, exotic fish, legendary fish, inventory, nothing. You can sell fish to gain coins.

What can you do with a common fish dank Memer?

You can sell fish to gain coins. The shop can be opened with pls shop. This subreddit is mainly for Dank Memer related memes, announcements, sharing experiences with other Dank Memer … If typed, you get an inventory. Dank Memer is a bot that brings some great perks to your Discord server!

Why does my money disappear in dank Memer?

Response. There are many ways that coins can be lost. … Some of the ways to lose coins are dying, robbing someone and getting fined, a heist (dying or getting fined), calling the police to stop one when there isn’t one going on, auto-lottery, or ending a game of blackjack.

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How do I quit dank Memer bot?

Players can view their job statistics with “pls work info”, resign from their current job by saying “pls work resign”, and apply for a new job via “pls work list”, after 3 hours of cooldown.

What do pets do in dank Memer?

Pets can do many things, such as hunt for items, protect your money from robbers, and even kill robbers. The player can feed, wash, and play with your pet to increase its hunger, hygiene and fun respectively. Patting or hugging your pet boosts the love stat.

How do I gift money on dank Memer?

pls give: you must have too much coins and generous, ask your friend to give you a 4-digit security code then enter the amount you want to give. Then Pepe and his tech team will generate a QR Code in 19 milliseconds. Ask your friend to scan it with “pls collect”, then your friend will get the money!

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