Question: Who is the antagonist in The Fisherman and His Wife?

The Fisherman’s Wife is the main antagonist of the the German fairytale The Fisherman and His Wife.

What was the conflict in The Fisherman and His Wife?

The conflict in the story is when the fisherman finds the “flounder”/ the enchanted prince. Think before you speak. Plot: A fisherman and his wife live in a filthy shack near the sea. While the fisherman was fishing he caught a flounder.

How does the fisherman and his wife end?

His wife makes one final request toward the end of the story that completely backfires on her. While sitting on her throne as pope, she demands her husband to tell the flounder she wants to be like God. The husband does as he is told, and the fish responds, “Go back home.

What is the moral of The Fisherman and His Wife?

The moral of “The Fisherman and His Wife” is that a person must be thankful for what he has and not always want more, lest it become impossible for him ever to be satisfied. … This German fairy tale tells the story of a fisherman who one day caught a fish who begged him to release him because he was really a prince.

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What services did the wife desire in The Fisherman and His Wife?

She demanded to become a god. She wanted to rule the sun and the moon directing their rises. When the fish heard that it sent the fisherman home again saying they got back what they had before. They were in the same very poor hut as before the fish was caught.

What is the moral of the fisherman story?

And the moral of this story is: Know where you’re going in life, you may already be there! Many times in life, money is not everything.

For which three items does the husband ask the fish to make his wife happy?

Each time, the flounder grants the wishes with the words: “just go home again, she has it already” or similar, but each time the sea grows rougher and rougher. Eventually, the wife wishes to command the sun, moon, and heavens, and she sends her husband to the flounder with the wish “I want to become equal to God”.

Why did the fish agree to grant the wife’s wishes?

The humble fisherman told her that she wanted a big house with expensive furniture, a garden, and a henhouse. The fish granted his wishes because of his kindness and then she disappeared again. The fisherman went to the house, and he saw the magnificent house his wife wanted.

How does the fisherman feel about his wife’s request?

How does the fisherman feel about his wife’s request? He thinks they will be unhappy as kings. He thinks she will be a bad king. He appreciates her motivation.

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Why did the fisherman put the golden fish back to the sea?

On his return to his hovel, his wife tells him that he should have asked the magical creature to grant him a wish, and so the fisherman returns to the sea to call out to the fish and ask that the lives of the impoverished couple should be transformed – but the better life that ensues is not quite enough for them.

Why did the soldier catch the fisherman?

After a few days, the soldiers caught a fisherman. He was trying to sell the ring which. Dushyant’s name inscribed on it) The fisherman had found the ring inside a fish’s.

What does Fisherman’s Wife mean?

1. a woman who sells fish. 2. a coarse, scolding woman.

Why was the fisherman surprised after pulling in his net?

One day, he went out to the sea to catch fish on his boat. When he pulled up his net, he was. Surprised to find a shiny golden fish trapped in his net. … The golden fish was very grateful.

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