Question: Can you ice fish in West Virginia?

Can you night fish in West Virginia?

Donnie Blackshire, a local bass angler, says these fish can especially be active at night. … “They will feed at night instead of during the day.

Can you ice fish in Virginia?

Few Virginia anglers have that kind of gear because ice fishing windows are so few and fleeting. The cold weather over the past few weeks has provided one. Larger lakes aren’t fishable, but ice on many smaller ponds in the region is thick enough to support anglers.

What states can you ice fish in?

Read on to find out more!

  • Devils Lake, North Dakota.
  • Red Lake, Minnesota.
  • Silver Lake, California.
  • Birch and Quartz Lakes, Alaska.
  • Lake Gogebic, Michigan.
  • Lake Champlain, Vermont.
  • Antero Reservoir, Colorado.
  • Ice Fishing Destinations in the US: There’s Many More!


Does WV have a fishing season?

making it legal to hand-fish or “noodle” in public waters of West Virginia beginning in 2018. The season for hand-fishing runs from June 15 through Aug. 31 with fishing permitted from sunrise until sunset.

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Is it illegal to fish with corn in West Virginia?

Chumming is not illegal; baiting is not illegal — In WV, it is even legal to throw corn in a fishing hole before you start trout fishing (though corn most likely kills the fish you don’t catch). If in doubt, call your local DNR extension office.

Can you still fish without a license in West Virginia?


Fishing licenses are good for the calendar year, is always a good idea to purchase your new license at the beginning of each year. All anglers age 15 and older are required to have a fishing license and a valid form of identification while fishing.

What fish are known for night bites?

Most nights, you can catch catfish, carp, and walleye whereas fish that rely on sight like pike, bass, trout, and yellow perch are caught primarily on full moon nights. Striped bass, though a vision-guided fish, are very light-shy and best fished for on dark nights with limited overhead moonlight.

How do you know where to ice fish?

How to Find Ice Fishing Spots

  1. Use a GPS or charts to find gradual drop-offs.
  2. Drill holes in the ice.
  3. Hang your ice transducer in the water (if you have one)
  4. Setup ice fishing tip-ups and/or start jigging.
  5. If you don’t catch fish, move until you find them!

Where is the best place to ice fish?

The 7 best places in the world to go ice fishing

  • Higgins Lake, Michigan. Photo: Susan Montgomery/Shutterstock. …
  • Devil’s Lake, North Dakota. devilslakend. …
  • Lake of the Woods, Minnesota, Ontario, Manitoba. …
  • Ammassalik, Greenland. …
  • Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan. …
  • Antero Reservoir, Colorado. …
  • Lule River, Sweden.
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How much does a West Virginia fishing license cost?

The permit fee is $4 for a daily permit or $23 for an annual permit and may be purchased online or at any license agent.

How many rods can I fish with in West Virginia?

fish with more than two (2) lines or poles in an impoundment stocked with trout by the DNR from January 1 – May 31. may be taken by bow year-round; other nongame fish may be taken by bow during all months of the year except May and June.

Do senior citizens need a fishing license in WV?

West Virginia residents who turn age 65 on or after Jan. 1, 2012, are eligible for the lifetime Senior Hunting/Trapping/Fishing License. Additional licenses may be required.

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