Question: Are mosquito fish compatible with goldfish?

The fish have a large appetite, and a single female which normally is larger than a male can devour several hundred mosquito larvae per day. … Gambusia affinis are compatible with most ornamental pond fish including goldfish, koi and carp and will not harm them.

Can you put mosquito fish in with goldfish?

Mosquitofish are compatible with koi and all varieties of pond goldfish, such as common goldfish, comets, shubunkins, omadas and fantails. Mosquitofish can be kept in a tank with swordtails, platies, and common guppies. … They have a voracious appetite; an adult mosquitofish can eat up to 500 mosquito larvae a day!

Should I put mosquito fish in my pond?

Do not dispose of mosquitofish indiscriminately. Although a natural way of controlling mosquito larvae without the use of insecticides or chemicals, mosquitofish should never be placed in any natural habitat, such as lakes, streams, rivers, or creeks.

Can mosquito fish live with other fish?


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Mosquitofish are compatible with most ornamental pond fish of about the same size. If the mosquitofish are living with larger fish (who may eat them), they need hiding places like rocks and vegetation.

Which fish can be used for mosquito control?

Affinis and G. Holbrooki. These can be introduced into ponds to eat mosquito larvae. That’s why, Insectivorous fish used for mosquito control is Gambusia.

Do frogs eat mosquito fish?

In ornamental ponds and unchlorinated swimming pools the Mosquito fish will also eat mosquito larvae as fast as they hatch. … But, lake and stream sport fish, birds, frogs and turtles will eat them if the habitat doesn’t have adequate places for them to hide.

Can mosquito fish over winter?

During the winter, mosquitofish move to the bottom of the water column, become inactive, and do not feed. In most cases, they will survive the winter and become active in the spring when temperatures rise. Mosquitofish require little to no care.

What eats mosquito fish in a pond?

Common Mosquito Predators

Natural mosquito predators include fish, other insects such as dragonflies, slider turtles, some bat species, and some bird species. Goldfish, bass, guppies, bluegill, and catfish are all fish that eat mosquito larvae.

How do I get rid of mosquito fish in my pond?

7 Ways to Rid Your Pond of Mosquitoes

  1. Keep the water moving. …
  2. Curb the algae. …
  3. Add a few critters. …
  4. Treat your water with a wildlife-friendly insecticide. …
  5. Trim surrounding vegetation. …
  6. Welcome wildlife. …
  7. Tackle mosquito populations around your property.
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Do birds eat mosquito fish?

Bird predators usually eat both the adult and aquatic stages of mosquitoes. Goldfish, guppies, bass, bluegill and catfish prey on mosquito larvae. But the most important fish predator, by far, is the Gambusia affinis, commonly known as the mosquito fish.

How can you tell if a mosquito fish is male or female?

Mosquito fish are relatively easy to sex. Females will have a fan shaped anal fin, where as the male has a rod shaped anal fin called a gonopodium. Females are also larger than the males. Females also have a dark spot by anal fin.

Do you need to feed mosquito fish?

During warm months, mosquito fish usually do not need to be fed. During the winter when larvae may be scarce or if the water source does not have any plant life, feed the fish tropical fish flakes, or dry dog or cat food. Feed them as much as they can eat in 5 minutes 2 times a day.

Are mosquito fish pests?

Mosquitofish are considered a noxious pest, especially in New South Wales and Queensland, and it is illegal to release them into the wild or transport them live into any of the states or territories.

How do you control mosquito fish?

To be effective in preventing mosquitoes, the use of mosquito fish should be paired with a weekly habit of removing stagnant water sources around the home. The District provides FREE mosquito fish (Gambusia affinis) to properties within the District for placement on their property only.

Are mosquito fish the same as guppies?

Guppies and Mosquito fish are both nano species that share similar water parameters and tank conditions. However, whereas Guppies are sociable community fish, Mosquito fish should be kept in a same-species tank, as they’re intolerant of other species.

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How fast do mosquito fish reproduce?

The males reach sexual maturity within 43 to 62 days. The females, if born early in the reproductive season, reach sexual maturity within 21 to 28 days; females born later in the season reach sexual maturity the next season, in six to seven months.

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