Is too much Melafix bad for fish?

Will Melafix kill my fish?

There are some situations where Melafix has proven fatal on some fish species such as bettas as it is thought that the oil (Melaluca oil) can clog gills and obstruct breathing. It is recommended not to use with labyrinth fish or fish that are oxygen-challenged.

Can you overdose Melafix?

Member. Melafix is a general antibiotic so it shouldnt do to much more then cause your tank to smell like medicine and maybe foam at the surface.

Is Melafix safe for all fish?

MELAFIX can be used with all marine fish. MELAFIX has been tested and found to be safe in reef aquariums containing invertebrates, such as live corals and anemones. Treating with MELAFIX will not harm the biological filter in freshwater or saltwater aquariums. MELAFIX is harmless to live aquarium plants.

Will Melafix kill good bacteria?

Melafix works great on repairing fins, but will not kill a bacteria that might be causing fin rot. As such, it will not cure your fish (just help it along after the infection is over) but it also wont kill your beneficial bacteria.

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Will Melafix hurt healthy fish?

MELAFIX fish remedy is safe for use with even delicate fish species, and will not color aquarium water, harm aquatic plants, stain ornaments, or alter pH. … Use API® MELAFIX™ fish remedy when adding new fish to your tank to reduce the risk of spreading disease to healthy fish.

How often should I use Melafix?

for each 10 gallons of aquarium water. For disease or wound treatment, dose daily for 7 days. After 7 days, make a 25% water change. Continue treatment, if necessary.

Does Melafix really work?

The study revealed that Melafix had no significant bactericidal or inhibitory effect on any of the pathogens tested. This observation suggests that anecdotal benefits of Melafix are not owing to antibacterial activity.

What is the difference between Melafix and Pimafix?

Melafix is formulated to heal bacterial infections such as tail and fin rot, eye cloud, mouth fungus and more while Pimafix quickly treats fungal and bacterial infections such as cottony growth, fin and tail rot and many more.

Is Melafix better than Bettafix?

The Melafix is safe for delicate fish species, all marine fish and reef aquariums while the Bettafix was specifically formulated for Betta fish. … Not only are Melafix and Bettafix pretty much the same thing, but Bettafix is actually more expensive, if you think about it! Get Melafix, not Bettafix.

Why do my fish keep getting fungus?

Poor water conditions are a common cause of fungal infections. … Doing regular partial water changes and adding live plants (especially floating plants) to a fish tank helps to remove toxic waste compounds before they affect your betta’s health. Nutrient deficiencies can be another reason why fish get fungus.

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Can I treat whole tank with Melafix?

You can use Melafix as a precautionary treatment for new fish in your aquarium. … At the same time, it is perfectly safe to use with other plants and fish in the tank, plus it won’t change the pH level or adversely affect the water filter.

How do you treat fish with Melafix?

Just add 5 ml per 10 gallons of aquarium water. It will not adversely affect the biological filter, alter the pH or discolor the water. For effective treatment, dose infected fish daily for 7 days, and continue afterward if necessary. Dose new fish daily for 3 days.

How quickly does Melafix work?

This MelaFix treatment has powerful antibacterial properties that treat the wound and promote rapid tissue healing. Healing and tissue regeneration in koi and goldfish can usually be seen in the first four days of antibacterial fish treatment.

Do you have to remove carbon to use Melafix?

We only recommend to remove the carbon. You can leave in other types of filter media such as phosphate removers or ammonia absorbents. These will not remove the medication.

Does Melafix remove oxygen?

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Providing you stick to the correct dose melafix and pimafix then it should not affect oxygen levels in the tank, these are 100% natural remedies with the only ingreidients being water, teatree oil/almond leaves and a emulsifier to bind the two together.

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