Is it legal to shark fish in Myrtle Beach?

Today, purposefully fishing for sharks is banned there, as in the entirety of Myrtle Beach and off the pier in Folly Beach. Sharks don’t mix well with beach-going tourists, and sometimes prompt lifeguards to call swimmers out of the water.

Where can you shark fish in Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach shark fishing is fun and exciting for fisherman of all skill levels and ages. Sharks are abundant in the coastal estuaries and inlets around Little River Inlet, Murrells Inlet and other areas along the Grand Strand. They can be caught often during the summer months as water temperatures rise.

Is it illegal to catch shark in SC?

It’s illegal to bait or fish for sharks from the beach, or anywhere 400 yards from the beach. … It’s illegal to kill blacknose, blacktip, blue, bull, finetooth, lemon, nurse, porbeagle, spinner, thresher, tiger and oceanic whitetip sharks more than one per day (54-inch limit).

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Can you keep shark in SC?

The common Atlantic sharpnose shark can be most-easily identified by the position of its dorsal fin; it will be behind the pectoral fins. Reading shark regulations in the S.C. … The two summer sharks with no size limit are the Atlantic sharpnose (limit two per day) and the bonnethead (limit one per day).

What sharks can you catch in South Carolina?

Here’s the list of the best, baddest, most fascinating sharks in our waters.

  1. The Great White Sharks: The Apex Predator Of The Atlantic.
  2. Hammerheads: The Sweet Sharks. …
  3. Tiger Sharks: The True South Carolina Local. …
  4. Bull Sharks: The Aggressive, But Misunderstood Sharks. …
  5. The Blacktip Shark : The Beach Sharks. …


What fish are biting in Myrtle Beach right now?

Red Drum, Black Drum, Whiting, Croaker and Flounder will start making their presence known by biting on bait made of cut shrimp and minnows. Toward the latter end of the April and early May Blue Fish and Spanish Mackerel will migrate to the pier.

Can you fish on Myrtle Beach at night?

Join us for a night/shark fishing trip aboard the “PRIDE OF THE CAROLINAS.” Common fish varieties caught on the night fishing trips include black sea bass, blue fish, flounder, ladyfish, mackerel, and sharks. … The night fishing is open to everyone so come by yourself, bring a friend, or bring your entire family!

Can you keep a caught shark?

For now, the law as written seems clear and simple: catching, capturing, or killing a white shark in California is illegal.

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What’s the best bait to use for shark fishing?

The best bait for shark fishing is any fresh local fish that is bloody and oily. Top examples would be bluefish, menhaden, sardines, spot, mullet, jacks, and mackerel.

What is the size limit on sharks?

The daily bag and possession limit for soupfin shark is one fish with no minimum size limit. The daily bag and possession limit for spiny dogfish is 10 fish within the 20-fish general bag limit, and there is no minimum size limit.

How late can you fish on Myrtle Beach?

Open December – February, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday – Thursday: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday – Saturday: March – November 6 a.m. to midnight.

Are there great white sharks in South Carolina?

Michalove estimates that there are around 1,000 great white sharks off the South Carolina coast every winter. Because great whites only are here in the winter time, South Carolina hasn’t had any great white shark attacks on record. … He’s hooked over 30 great white sharks for scientific research.

Are there great white sharks in Myrtle Beach?

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – A great white shark tagged in Nova Scotia recently surfaced off the coast of the Grand Strand. Mahone, a 13-foot great white weighing more than 1,700 pounds, pinged near Myrtle Beach on Jan.

Are there alligators in South Carolina?

The American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) is the only crocodilian native to South Carolina. Though once listed as a federally endangered species, populations have rebounded and the alligator’s status has been upgraded to threatened due to its similarity of appearance to the threatened American crocodile.

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