How often does it rain in St Croix?

Saint Croix experiences significant seasonal variation in monthly rainfall. The rainy period of the year lasts for 9.7 months, from March 24 to January 16, with a sliding 31-day rainfall of at least 0.5 inches.

Does St Croix have a rainy season?

Croix weather does have a rainy season during September and October.

How much does it rain in St Croix?

About St. Croix

Average annual rainfall is 50 inches with September and October less dry than the winter months.

How often does it rain in the US Virgin Islands?

The least rainy months are February and March. Rainfall hovers around 1,000/1,200 millimeters (40/47 inches) per year and is generally slightly more abundant on the northern slopes of each island.

Does it rain a lot in the Virgin Islands?

The Virgin Islands does not have a rainy season, however there are month to month differences. The rainiest months in the Virgin Islands are November, October, September, August and May.

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Is St Croix safe for tourists?

St Croix has no more of a crime problem than any other tourist destination. That is not to say there is no crime on the island, of course, St. Croix, like anywhere, is not crime free, so just take normal precautions. Almost 100% of the crime is locals against locals.

Is it always windy in St Croix?

The windier part of the year lasts for 2.7 months, from June 2 to August 25, with average wind speeds of more than 14.1 miles per hour. The windiest day of the year is July 13, with an average hourly wind speed of 16.3 miles per hour. The calmer time of year lasts for 9.3 months, from August 25 to June 2.

Which is better St Thomas or St Croix?

Both destinations offer guests the chance to enjoy tropical sunshine, immaculate beaches, crystal-clear Caribbean waters, and distinct West Caribbean cuisine. But Saint Thomas is better suited to those looking for an affordable island getaway while St. Croix is perfect for families and adventurers.

How warm is the water in St Croix?

The average water temperature around Saint Croix is extremely warm, around 27°C (81°F), with very little changes throughout the year.

What is the best time of year to go to St Croix?

The best time to visit St. Croix is April-June

Croix can be visited year-round, but based on the ideal climate conditions, cost of travel, and avoiding peak holiday periods, April-June is the best time to go. The very hottest temperatures in St. Croix get to around 29℃ (85℉) in the height of summer.

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Is it expensive to live in the Virgin Islands?

The cost of living in the U.S. Virgin Islands is higher than on the U.S. mainland. On average, apartments cost $2,000 per month. A two-bedroom house costs at least $285,000. Not everyone can afford health care on the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Is it expensive to visit the US Virgin Islands?

You should plan to spend around $199 per day on your vacation in the US Virgin Islands, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, $41 on meals for one day and $28 on local transportation.

How warm is the water in St Thomas?

The swimming season in this location lasts all year round. Average annual water temperature on the coast in Saint Thomas is 82°F, by the seasons: in winter 79°F, in spring 80°F, in summer 83°F, in autumn 84°F.

What is the best time of year to visit the US Virgin Islands?

The best time to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands is April to June, when you can expect mild weather and very little rainfall. In the USVI’s peak season, from December to March, the temperature ranges from the mid-70s to high 80s with breezy evenings.

Which is the sunniest Caribbean island?

Best Weather In The Caribbean

Anguilla has the best weather of the Caribbean islands. It is one of the sunniest islands. Due to its flat-as-a-pancake topography, it does not attract rain clouds like mountainous islands.

Do I need a passport to go to the US Virgin Islands?

Passports for U.S. Citizens are NOT required for the U.S. Virgin Islands, but you must be prepared to show evidence of citizenship upon leaving the territory (such as a government issued photo ID or your passport). Citizens of countries other than the U.S. should follow U.S. travel regulations.

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