How much does fishing make on Hypixel skyblock?

How much money can you make from fishing Hypixel skyblock?

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You can probably get around 3-4m an around with that low of a setup. Also, you can’t level pets using fishing. A VERY big way to get money is to level pets, which mining exceeds in.

Is fishing profitable Hypixel skyblock?

short answer, no.

Is fishing good for money skyblock?

Active Member. Fishing is a nice money making method, as lilys are selling for a nice amount. 1 stack of lilys often goes for around 50k-60k each.

What is the best money making minion Hypixel skyblock?

Best money making minion

  • Snow.
  • Fishing.
  • Clay.
  • Gold.
  • Lapis.
  • Rev (no afk)
  • Tara (no afk)
  • Flower.

What can you get from fishing in Hypixel skyblock?

When fishing, players have a chance to catch a sea creature.

​ Common

  • Ice.
  • Lily Pad.
  • Pufferfish.
  • Raw Fish.
  • Raw Salmon.
  • White Gift.
  • Hunk of Ice.
  • Ice Rod (Rare drop)

Is fishing good in Hypixel?

Fishing is definitely worth it. For starters, get a challenging rod. It doesn’t cost that much, less than 200k.

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Is fishing profitable Albion?

The overall profit from finding more uncommon and rare resources will compliment your fishing silver. You will get experience learning how to avoid death, better quality fishing gear will give you more health.

Does fishing make money Hypixel?

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fishing is pretty nice for money. if you have a high enough level (i think its above 26) you can spooky fish and yeti fish.

Where can I get a speedster Rod?

The Speedster Rod is an Uncommon Fishing Rod unlocked at Raw Salmon Collection V.

What is the best bait in Hypixel skyblock?


Bait Rarity Effect
Spiked Bait Common Increases sea creature Spawn Rate by 6%.
Spooky Bait Common +15% chance to catch spooky Sea Creatures and +15% faster catch speed time.
Carrot Bait Common Chance to fish up the Carrot King.
Blessed Bait Uncommon 15% to get double drops from items fished.

What is best money making minion?

BEST money making minion hypixel skyblock

  • 207. 56.3% Snow Minion.
  • 3.5% Clay Minion.
  • 4.9% Lapiz Minion.
  • 123. 33.4% Tarantula Minion.
  • 0.8% Redstone minion.
  • 1.1% Glowstone minion.

What mining minion makes the most money?

Tarantula is the best money making minion, but its literally so expensive. But t4 tarantula is really cheap (cost around 200k or so) and makes quite a bit. Another good one is blaze, even though the prices dropped. If you don’t afk a lot, snow all the way.

How much money do blaze minions make?

Blaze Minion:

3600s divided by 50s is 72 blaze rods per hour. One enchanted blaze rod sells for on average 465k. So five tier 7 blaze minions make about 162k per day.

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