How is the fishing in Port Phillip Bay?

What are they catching in Port Phillip Bay?

When it comes to fishing on Port Phillip Bay, the world’s your oyster. Some of Australia’s big names in seafood, including red snapper and King George whiting, lurk in these waters. There’s gummy shark, mulloway and garfish, flathead, trevally and bream, along with more squid than you can poke a jig at.

How do you catch fish in Port Phillip Bay?

For land-based fishos, Pier Fishing on Port Phillip Bay is one of the easiest ways to get into some deeper water and try from bigger fish. Catches of flathead, bream, calamari, whiting, pinkies and snapper are all possible. Plus – piers can be a great place to take the kids, to get them fishing.

Where are the snapper biting in Port Phillip Bay?

The area around Mordialloc has the reputation as the premium Snapper location on Port Phillip Bay and Bluey’s is the only boat hire operation that provides access to the waters around the Famous Five reef systems. Just 5-15 minutes by boat and you are right in the middle of the action!

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What is the best time to pier fish?

Generally speaking, the best time to fish from a pier is either early morning or sundown. This is when moving tides attract a lot of baitfish to the area, which in turn, brings out the big and hungry of the fish world, too.

Is there sharks in Port Phillip Bay?

Port Phillip Bay is home to a variety of shark species: Gummy, Seven Gill, Port Jackson, Thresher … just to name a few. Bay Fish N Trips have been fortunate to catch several of these magnificent creatures.

What animals live in Port Phillip Bay?


  • Anemones.
  • Barnacles.
  • Birds – Albatrosses.
  • Brittle stars.
  • Feather stars.
  • Fishes – Clingfishes and Shore-eels.
  • Fishes – Flatheads.
  • Fishes – Gobies.

Is fishing allowed in the Bay Area?

The recreational fisheries for all other federally managed groundfish species are open year-round to divers and shore-based anglers. These fisheries are open to boat-based anglers from April 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021.

What fish live in Port Phillip Bay?

In Port Phillip bay you’re likely to come across Snapper ( pinkies ), flathead, whiting, salmon, squid, Gummy sharks, gurnard, snook, mulloway, bream, trevally, garfish, and leather jacket.

What fish are in Port Phillip Bay?

The most popular fish in Port Phillip include snapper, flathead, whiting, bream, gummy shark, squid and garfish. Snappers are caught in Port Phillip Bay all year round.

What is the biggest snapper ever caught?

According to the International Game Fish Association, the All Tackle World Record was caught June 23, 2007 by angler Marion Rose on Garden Bank off Louisiana and weighed an incredible 124 pounds, 12 ounces.

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What is the water temperature of Port Phillip Bay?

Water temperature in Port Phillip Bay today is 13°C.

June average water temperature in Port Phillip Bay is 13.6°C, the minimum temperature is 11.8°C, and the maximum is 15.3°C.

What is the best bait for pier fishing?

Bait: Popular types of pier fishing bait include bloodworms, shrimp, squid, anchovies and sardines. These should all be available at your local pier or bait shop. Note: Live bait is ideal so try to find a shop that offers this option.

Is it better to fish at night or day?

It’s Easier to Catch a Fish at Night

If you’re the only one in the water, then you’ll likely catch the big fish. Moreover, fishing at night allows you to have better visibility compared to daytime fishing. Most of the fish species, including crappies, have good eyesight.

What is the best rig for pier fishing?

The Best General Purpose Pier Rig

Tie a twin hook paternoster rig to either rod/reel combo one or two. In many respects, this will be your staple set-up. In our opinion, there are no better rigs for bait from a pier.

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