How do you wear a fisherman’s jumper?

A lighter fisherman’s jumper worn under a blazer and over a collared shirt is perfect for smart casual workwear – just make sure your jacket isn’t too tight when layered over knitwear. The idea here is to keep the look relaxed.

How do you wear a fisherman’s sweater?

If you have a busier top or even a chunky fisherman sweater, balance it with simple jeans, pants or a skirt. With a curvy figure, high-waisted anything is great. I like to also wear high-waisted pieces with the sweater, and pull up the hem so it sits a bit higher on my waist.

How do you wear an Aran jumper?

Aran sweaters can be styled shorter, and so they can be layered under with a collared shirt or as a cropped top over a pair of high-waisted pants. Aran sweaters also go great with scarves, and they’re beautiful and simple enough to only require accessories as the perfect pairing.

Are fisherman sweaters warm?

Aran sweaters are warm and can be layered to keep you at the right temperature, whatever the weather. Aran sweater designs are unique and tell stories of Irish traditions and heritage.

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Why do fishermen wear wool?

They were priginally knitted by the fishermen’s wives before sending their husbands out to sea. The unscoured wool meant that the natural oils in the wool made the garments water repellant, a perfect warm and protective piece to protect the fishermen from the rough weather conditions.

Are Aran sweaters good quality?

Hand knit Aran sweaters are knit usually by women at home as a part-time enterprise, are the best quality and the most expensive. They tend to be knit tightly and from heavier yarn, so the patterns are very well defined. … Hand knit Aran sweaters are long lasting, keeping their shape and stitch definition for many years.

Are Aran sweaters itchy?

Are Aran Sweaters Itchy? If you are wondering whether your Aran Sweater will itch, you can rest assured that a real Aran Sweater, made from the highest quality merino wool, will not be itchy against your skin.

Are Aran jumpers fashionable?

The Aran sweater has remained both timeless and fashionable through out the decades. It is comfortable, stylish and representative of Irish heritage. The sweater takes its name from the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland and is most recognisable for its cable patterns and its 100% wool fabric.

Are Aran sweaters waterproof?

The natural sheep’s wool retained their oils making these sweaters waterproof and perfect for the Irish weather. …

Are cable knit sweaters preppy?

The Classically Preppy Cable Knit Gets a Stylish Update for Fall. … The cable knit sweater is generally associated with East Coast preps, although this season’s crop of sweaters is challenging that assumption. These revamped styles aren’t the classic pullovers you might be thinking of.

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Who makes the best fisherman sweater?

Scroll on through to find a fisherman sweater or two to keep you warm and looking good this winter.

  1. Aran Sweater Market Aran Cabled Fisherman Sweater. …
  2. The Irish Store Men’s Traditional Aran Sweater. …
  3. L.L. Bean Men’s Signature Cotton Fisherman Sweater. …
  4. Find Men’s Cable Knit Crew Neck Sweater. …
  5. Barena Fisherman Rollneck Sweater.


Are Aran jumpers Irish or Scottish?

The Aran jumper (Irish: Geansaí Árann) is a style of jumper that takes its name from the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. … The word used in Irish is geansaí.

Are Irish sweaters warm?

It was created to protect fishermen from cold and damp during the long winter months. They were warm to go to sea. It is partly this ability to keep warm that has contributed to the fact that the Irish sweater remains a popular accessory in cold weather still today.

Why do fishermen wear Aran jumpers?

Back in the 1950s on the Aran Islands, many of the men were fishermen by trade and, out of necessity to combat the cold and tough conditions of the sea, the women handmade their husbands aran sweaters to keep them warm, hence the name fisherman sweaters we’re all familiar with today.

Why is it called a fisherman sweater?

The sweaters take their name from the Aran Islands off the Irish coast. Situated at the opening of Galway Bay with the Atlantic Ocean on their other side, these three islands only total about 18 square miles. The islands were home to both farmers and fisherman. … Enter the fisherman sweaters.

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Do Aran sweaters shrink?

Tips for Hand-Washing Aran Sweaters

Use tepid water, and never expose the sweater to direct heat as it promotes shrinkage. … Dry Aran sweaters flat to keep them from elongating.

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