How do you measure a fishing reel handle?

How do you measure a reel handle?

Measure your reels handle knob Shaft length. Measure two bearings’ (or plastic busings/ sleeves) O.D. from inside of your original knob (one bearing near handle arm and the other outer bearing located near handle knob end cap) and I.D.

What does 2500 mean on a fishing reel?

Here is an example of the range of fishing reel sizes

Spinning reel sizes recommended line
Small size spinning reels:
1000 mono 2-4lb (1-2kg) or braid 4-8lb (2-4kg)
2000 mono 4-6lb (2-3kg) or braid 5-10lb (2-5kg)
2500 mono 5-8lb (2-4kg) or braid = 5-12lb (2-6kg)

What does reel size 4000 mean?

Choosing a fishing rod to go with this size reel: A 4000 or 40 reel is where you start to gain a little size so this sized reel will generally suit medium action classes of rods in the 6ft-7ft (barra/snapper style rod) with a line class of around 4Kg-10Kg or in an 8ft-10ft (light surf) rod with a light line class …

What does 5000 mean on a fishing reel?

Medium sized spinning reels (4000 – 5500)

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Reel Size Recommended Mono Line Strength Recommended Applications
5000 (or 50) 10-14lb (5kg-7kg) Medium fishing in freshwater and inshore saltwater
5500 (or 55) 10-14lb (5kg-7kg) Medium fishing in freshwater and inshore saltwater

Is a 6000 reel too big?

A 5000-6000 reel is large enough to target a wide variety of species. At the same time, it’s light and comfortable and will not tire your arms and elbows when using it. That said, you should keep in mind that the size of the reel is not the only thing to consider when buying a new surf reel.

What is a 2500 reel good for?

The 2500 or 25 size reel is my choice for dock shooting for crappie or finesse tactics for bass such as drop-shotting. I spool the reel with 6-pound line and match it with a 7-foot light action rod for dock shooting. For drop-shotting, I use 8-pound fluorocarbon line and a 6 1/2-foot medium action rod.

Can you put any reel on any rod?

Can we technically put on ANY spinning reels to ANY spinning rods or how does it work? Well you could but its the size of the reel compared to the size of the rod that’s important. On the reel it should say the recommended lb test line and it should match closely to the recommended lb test on your rod.

What is the best spinning reel for the money?


  • Lew’s American Hero Speed Spin Reel. …
  • Shimano Sienna FG Spinning Reel. …
  • Okuma Stratus VI Spinning Reel. …
  • Pflueger President Spinning Reel. …
  • Lew’s Carbon Fire Speed Spin Spinning Reel. …
  • Shimano Sedona FI Spinning Reel. …
  • Shimano Stradic CI4+ Spinning Reel. …
  • Marathon Guardian Spinning Reel.
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What does gear ratio mean on a fishing reel?

Gear ratios determine the speed at which a reel picks up line. Fishing reels with a gear ratio of 6.3:1 means the spool rotates 6.3 times for every 360-degree turn of the reel handle. Baitcast reels offer a wider range of gear ratios than spinning models for spinning rods.

What do reel numbers mean?

Numbers. Numbers (1000, 2500, 3000, 4000, etc) indicate the diameter of the spool. Bigger the diameter – more line you spool your fishing reel with. Basically, it is used to believe that Shimano reel with 1000 spool can hold around 150 meters of nylon fishing line in size 1 (Japanese Sizing).

Which fishing reel should I buy?

The 10 Best Fishing Reels You Can Buy

  • Shimano Stradic.
  • Penn International.
  • Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile.
  • Penn Battle II.
  • Daiwa Exist.
  • Shimano Talica II.
  • Shimano Baitrunner.
  • Pflueger President.

What does 6 1 mean on a reel?

6+1 Bearings. 6 bearings with 1 roller bearing. 6.2:1 Gear Ratio. 1 turn will rotate the spool 6.2 times.

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