How do you fish for kokanee from the shore?

Kokanee salmon can be caught without a boat by trolling from the shore or by jigging from a dock or hole in the ice. Kokanee salmon are difficult to catch without a boat in the summer due to warm water. Cooler waters allow kokanee to come closer to the surface improving the odds of a boatless catch.

Can you catch Kokanee from the bank?

Actually, yes you can catch Kokanee from the bank, just not as well as from a boat.

How do you target Kokanee?

Locating Kokanee

Areas in the lakes in which you want to target are areas with currents, wind blown points, tight narrow contour lines and large points that come out into the main lake. These are all zones that you will locate Kokanee due to their food source being pushed into these areas.

What do you catch Kokanee with?

Kokanee Baits and Scents for Trolling

For bait, use some pink maggots, dyed-cured or sweet canned corn, or dyed-cured shrimp. One or two little maggots or kernels should do. Salmon can smell incredibly well, so using bait and a bit of scent will get their attention.

What colors do Kokanee like?

Kokanee are attracted to a variety of colors ranging from hot pinks, fluorescent red, bright orange and chartreuse. Using UV and Glow colors are excellent during low light conditions and when fishing deeper water.

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How deep do you fish for Kokanee?

Kokanee salmon can be found at varying depths depending on the time of year and body of water. The most common range for kokanee trolling is between 10 and 40 feet. I generally troll at 18 feet until I can get a good reading from the fish finder.

What size hooks for Kokanee?

I go with stout octopus hooks in a number 6 size. They have such soft mouths, a thin hook is more likely to tear out. Also, I always tie 2 hooks in tandem, this results in fewer lost fish for me. If the fish are small, consistently under 12″, I run a rubber snubber in front of my dodger, sling blade, flashlites, etc.

What time of year does Kokanee?

Spawning begins in August and usually runs into early February but kokanee have been found spawning as late as April.

What does Kokanee taste like?

Kokanee is a type of salmon, and can be used in any recipe involving salmon. It has a light, mild flavor and can be served in raw fish dishes (such as sushi) or cooked and seasoned. There are some tips and tricks for eating Kokanee, especially when it comes to catching and cooking them.

Where is the best Kokanee fishing?

Best Kokanee Fishing in Central Oregon

  • Crescent Lake. Kokanee lakes are known for their ups and downs, and Crescent Lake is no different. …
  • Lake Billy Chinook. …
  • Odell Lake. …
  • Paulina Lake. …
  • Suttle Lake. …
  • Wickiup Reservoir.

Do Kokanee die after they spawn?

Instead of migrating to the ocean, adult kokanees inhabit large lakes before returning to their natal streams or gravelly shorelines to spawn. Like all Pacific salmon, kokanees die after spawning, the whole life cycle taking from three to seven years.

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What is the best kokanee rod?

Best Kokanee Rods

  • ​Okuma SST Kokanee Graphite.
  • Tica Kokanee Glass Series.
  • G. Loomis E6X Kokanee Trolling.
  • Lamiglas Kokanee Jared Johnson.
  • Okuma Celilio Casting Rods.
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