How do you catch the dragon in cat goes fishing?

Once the Dragon is chasing your line, you will need to reach the Mamo’s nest. Once at the nest, the Mamo will be intimidated by the Dragon and will allow you to steal its egg. The egg can then be brought out of the cave and used to catch the Dragon.

How do you get a deeper cat to go fishing?

Go further than ever before with two new boats! Or go deeper. Below the ocean floor are the caverns, a vast network of caves supporting a variety of habitats. Utilize the new “sinker” rod upgrade and the “deep sonar” tool to scour the depths!

What is the most expensive fish in cat goes fishing?

The Maw is the 2nd most expensive Huge fish in the game, standing at $450,000, and basically beating the Noctis by $200,000, and the Moga by 270,000 but still topped by the Cave Shark.

Is cat goes fishing on iPad?

Game Pro – Cat Goes Fishing Version app for iPhone and iPad.

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Is Cat Goes Fishing free?

Cat5 Games developed Cat Goes Fishing. You can run it on Android and Windows, but remember, it is not a free game – a purchase is in order first. … Apart from fishing, the game brings you a variety of quests, with cash as rewards.

What is the hardest fish to catch in Cat goes fishing?

The Cave Shark is one of the hardest fish to catch in Cat Goes Fishing, if not the hardest by some.

How do you catch a pink kisser cat goes fishing?

Pink kissers will go after medium sized bait, and can be eaten by any fish higher then small. In game description: “The Pink Kisser’s large lips are easy to hook. These fish live among the coral reef with other small tropical fishes.”

How do you catch a bonefish cat go fishing?


  1. Latch a Bomb onto your hook, and make sure you have the Detonator upgrade along with the Sinker.
  2. Sink down into the Deep, dodging Bombats, and etc. The Bomb Stack is recommended.
  3. Blow the bomb up near the sleeping Bonefish. …
  4. After some time, you should be able to hook the Bonefish.

What button do you press to swim in cat goes fishing?

While swimming you can use ‘CTRL’ to grab hold of fish Medium sized or higher. You are not able to grab hold of Small Fish. You are able to use the mouse to control the fishing rod while swimming if you cast in before entering Swimming mode and as such hook and reel fish.

Cat Goes Fishing.

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How do you get the Noctis cat to go fishing?

To catch the Noctis you need to have a Huge Hook and Tier 3 bait.

How much does cat fishing cost?

Perfect for a casual fishing game. probably one of the most fun games on the market, and for a great price of $7.79, this game is a snag of a deal, i recommend that you invest all of your free time in this game to play because it takes a lot of time out there fishin, so get out there and give it your all!

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