How do pet stores get their betta fish?

While some bettas are captured in the wild, the vast majority of those sold in the U.S. come from breeding farms in Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia, where it’s common practice to keep them in small bottles.

Where does Petsmart get their betta fish?

They get theirs from Singapore I think they said. But they also said that different stores may be sourced by different areas. I would ask your local Petco/Smart.

How do betta fish get transported?

When betta fish are shipped to countries around the world, they’re commonly packed without any food. The journey can take several days. … An unresponsive betta fish floats sideways in a plastic bag. Bettas are typically shipped in tiny plastic bags—often with barely enough water to cover their bodies.

Where does Petco get their bettas?

Most betta fish sold by Petco and other pet store chains are born on breeding farms. These farms are the underwater equivalent of puppy mills and house fish in small containers of putrid water. When the fish are ready to be sold, they are carelessly packed into tiny bags that are pumped with chemicals.

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WHAT DOES Petco do with unsold betta fish?

Nothing happens with unsold bettas or any other unsold fish. When the number of fish of a given species in a tank gets low, we either add new compatible fish from the next shipment, or preferably, move them to an undercrowded tank with compatible species, freeing up an empty tank to receive the new fish.

How old are betta fish at PetSmart?

Because a Betta purchased at a pet shop is often one year old already. Males, in particular, are allowed to fully mature, so their fins and colors are well developed. Females may be sold at a bit younger age, but they will generally be at least six months old when offered for sale.

Can I return my dead fish to Petco?

If you experience a loss of your marine fish, freshwater fish, or invertebrates that was purchased online at within 30 days of delivery please contact Customer Service at 1-877-738-6742. … Live Fish & Invertebrates CANNOT be returned to any Petco or Unleashed by Petco stores.

Can betta fish hear your voice?

Yes, betta fish can hear, and in fact, virtually all fish out there can hear. … However, betta fish can hear your voice from outside of the aquarium. This much is true. Yet, even though they can hear your voice, they are not like dogs or cats in the sense that they can recognize their own names.

Do Bettas like music?

While we cannot tell you that they love or hate music, betta fish do react to it. Some will flare at certain types of music, others will swim more frequently, some will become more aggressive, and still, others will be more still and calm than normal.

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Are Bettas smart?

As fish go, bettas are fairly intelligent. They are thought to be closely related to cichlids on the evolutionary tree, a very intelligent family of fish, and this is demonstrated by their high level of parental care for their young.

Are purple Bettas rare?

Purple Bettas are extremely rare to find if not the rarest color. If you can find one then it will be completely deep purple in color.

What is the rarest betta fish?

The rarest type of Betta that I could find is the so-called fantail variety. This fish has two caudal fins that are side by side but fused at a small point at the top, making it look similar to a fantail goldfish. This variety is so rare that you can’t really find any information on them or anywhere to buy them.

Are Petco bettas healthy?

On another note, every betta I’ve ever purchased from Petco has been perfectly healthy for at least several months into bringing it home. For my sorority I got four bettas from Petco and one from Petsmart. The Petsmart girl didn’t make it a week and the others are still fine with no signs of disease.

Why are Bettas sold in cups?

Betta fish are sold in cups for the following reasons:

Shop keeper keep them in cups for convenience. Betta fish if placed in larger tanks will kill other fish. Betta fish are aggressive and cannot be kept with other Betta. Betta fish are sold in cups since it is temporary housing since the inventory moves quick.

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Why do they put betta fish in cups?

They can survive for a time in these small cups because they can breathe air when the oxygen in the water gets too low, and therefore sellers will use the cups for convenience. … They can stay in these cups and don’t need filters because they breathe air. Another reason is that they fight each other.

Do betta fish suffer?

Betta fish can experience frustration and depression. While most of them can be happy in a tank alone, their environment still needs plenty of enrichment, such as caves, plants, and room to explore. They also experience stress—especially when their fins are picked at by other noncompatible fish placed in the same tank.

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