How do I get a PA fishing license?

How much is a fishing license in PA?

How much does a Pennsylvania state fishing license cost? In 2020, a 1-year fishing license costs $22.90 for state residents ages 16-64. Keep in mind that in Pennsylvania there are multiple types of license, voucher and permit options for anglers.

CAN I GET A PA fishing license online?


Online – at the Commission’s secure e-commerce site, … By Phone – 877-707-4085 (business hours M-F 8:00-3:45) – purchase a license, licensing questions.

Where can I buy a PA fishing license?

Licenses and permits can be purchased a couple of ways: Buy online at Buy at License Issuing Agents, County Treasurer offices, or Fish & Boat Commission offices.

Can you fish without a license in PA?

Fish-for-Free Days allow anyone (resident or non-resident) to legally fish on Pennsylvania waterways on the designated days with NO FISHING LICENSE REQUIRED (Trout/Salmon and Lake Erie permits are also NOT required). All other fishing regulations still apply.

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How much is the fine for fishing without a license in PA?

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission says that the base fine for fishing without a license is $75. It adds an amount equal to twice the cost of the appropriate fishing license to the base fine. The court may also sentence the violator to pay $20 per fish taken illegally.

How much is a fishing license at Walmart in PA?

Prices of Fishing Licenses in Walmart, Pennsylvania (PA)

Resident Annual (age 16-64) $22.90
Senior Resident Annual (65+) $11.90
Senior Resident (Lifetime) $51.90
Nonresident annual (16+) $52.90
3-day tourist $26.90

Can you fish for free on Sundays in PA?

Sunday is one of Pennsylvania’s designated fish-for-free days. … Anyone can legally fish a stream, river or lake with no license required. Trout and salmon permits and Lake Erie Permits also are not required.

How much is a fishing license in PA 2021?

The price of an annual resident fishing license in 2021 is still $22.90. Multi-year options are also available in 3, 5, and 10-year increments. The most popular add-ons, a trout permit and a Lake Erie permit cost $9.90 each, or $15.90 for a combination permit which includes both privileges.

How much is a 1-day fishing license in PA?

Annual licenses are valid from December 1, 2020, through December 31, 2021.
106 1-Day Tourist*** (not valid March 15-April 30) $ 26.97
103 3-Day Tourist $ 26.97
107 7-Day Tourist $ 34.97

Does Walmart sell Pa fishing licenses?

Walmart is the easiest place to get your fishing license in Pennsylvania. Other than Walmart, you have a few options to get your PA fishing license.

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How much is a PA fishing license for out of state residents?

PA Fishing License Cost

License Type Resident Non-Resident
1-Day $11.97 $26.97
3-Day N/A $26.97
7-Day N/A $34.97
Annual $22.97 $52.97

What is a PA launch permit?

A PA launch permit is a permit allowing you to use Pennsylvania’s waterways. Powered and unpowered boats, such as kayaks, rowboats, canoes, stand-up paddleboards, must get this launch permit. [ 1] Once you have obtained the PA boat launch permit, you can launch your boat at the PFBC lakes and other areas.

What is the first day of fishing season in PA?

Important 2021 Trout Season Dates and Safety Information

The 2021 trout season will include a single, statewide Mentored Youth Trout Fishing Day beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 27. The following weekend – Saturday, April 3 – a single, statewide Opening Day of Trout Season will begin at 8:00 a.m.

When can you fish for free in PA?

Sunday, May 30, is the first of 2 Fish-for-Free Days in Pennsylvania this year. The second will be Sunday, July 4. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission annually designates a couple days during holiday weekends when anyone may legally fish in Pennsylvania without buying a fishing license or trout/salmon permit.

What are the free fishing days in Pennsylvania?

Free Fishing Days 2021

Alabama Second Saturday in June. June 12th
Pennsylvania Sunday before Memorial Day May 30th Independence Day July 4th
Rhode Island First Weekend in May. (Freshwater Fishing only) May 1-2nd
South Carolina Memorial Day, May 31st Independence Day, July 4th
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