How do I get a fishing pole from Galen?

During chapter 2 or later, after befriending Galen, enter his house in the morning while he’s home. He will give you the Fishing Rod G.

How do you get a fishing rod in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

You can get the fishing rod from Galen starting in Chapter 2. You need to be good friends with him and visit him in his new house. The best time to get it is in the morning. The easiest way is to get there before he wakes up in the morning.

Where do you get the fishing pole in Harvest Moon?

The Fishing rod is a type of tool in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature. To get the Fishing rod you will need to talk to Greg between 7-10 AM or PM (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) on the pier on Mineral Beach. You can catch fish with this and randomly fish up power berries or a cooking recipe.

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Where does Galen live Harvest Moon DS?

Galen (ガスト Gasuto, lit. Gust) is a character in Harvest Moon: DS and Harvest Moon DS: Cute. He lives with his wife Nina in their small home located on a hill in the south east corner of the valley.

How do you befriend Galen?

NOTE: Galen does not take gifts after Nina dies, and the only way to befriend him is by cleaning Nina’s grave. If you what the fish pole you should save up Mugworts for him in spring of the first year.

How do you befriend Mukumuku?

Befriend Daryl, and exit your house around 7PM. You’ll see Daryl going up to the spring, a little black musical note above his head, meaning he’s happy and up to something. You’ll automatically follow him. Daryl will meet Mukumuku for the first time.

Who is Cyril Harvest Moon?

Cyril is a bachelor in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. The son of aristocrat, Cyril acts a bit helpless, but is actually kind-hearted, and Ignorant.

How do you fish in harvest moon back to nature?

In Harvest Moon: Back to Nature to get the fishing rod you have to visit the beach between 7:00 to 10:00 am or 7:00 to 10:00 pm on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You’ll find Greg on the end of the pier and if you talk to him you’ll receive the Fishing Rod.

Where do you get the fishing rod in Harvest Moon Boy and Girl?

dont forget to empty a space at your rucksack(tools side).. talk to him and he’ll gives you the fishing rod..if you wanna get a fishing pole, your fish pond must have 50 fish inside and tommorow, he come and admire about your collection.. talk to him and he’ll give you a fishing pole..

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How do you marry Gustafa in Harvest Moon?

If you wish to marry him in the female version, you must compete with Nami for his affection. His diary is found between the cushions of his couch inside his yurt.

How do you get Nami in Harvest Moon?

Because you need to get 21 points in order to marry Nami, you need to give her a gift everyday from Fall 1 until the end of the year, but you also need to activate a heart event. There is only 1 heart event that appears in the run, which happens a few days after you get 1 red heart.

Where can I find sprites in Harvest Moon DS?

After the 8th of Spring, walk across the bridge near Vesta’s farm. Roller will appear and open up the Casino in the back of the Sprite Tree. Press the A button while standing at the fountain in front of Romana’s mansion.

Mercury After you find Guts the Channel 1 Sprite will appear.
Earth Rescue 20 lost Harvest Sprites.

How do you get a wonderful life tartan?

To get access to Tartan you must first befriend Takakura. In Chapter 2, send Takakura to the city to buy an animal for you. The following night, follow Takakura into his home at 7:00pm. A cut scene will trigger that will introduce Tartan.

Who can you marry in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

There are 3 women who you can get married in this instalment. They are: Celia, Muffy and Nami. Celia being the easiest, Muffy average and Nami hardest.

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How do you get the Chihuahua in Harvest Moon?

To obtain the chihuahua you must not only befriend both Carter and Flora, but in every chapter find a mysterious tablet.

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