Frequent question: Are Wychwood carp rods any good?

This week we review the Wychwood C-201 Carp Rods. … The overall weight of the rod is superb, the lightweight carbon makes casting easy and smooth. The 3lb test curve option is surprisingly strong whilst still giving you a bend in the tip when needed to reduce hook pulls and line breakages.

Is Wychwood a good brand?

Wychwood is a Leeda brand. They’ve been knocking out decent budget barbel rods for a while now. I’ve not had a play with too many of them, but a mate has a pair of Rogues. They’re not bad at all for the money.

What are the best carp rods on the market?

The Top 10 Selling Carp Rods for 2020 So Far

  • 1) Shimano TX-7 Carp Rod. …
  • 2) Advanta Discovery CSX V2 Carp Rods. …
  • 3) Greys Prodigy GT4 Rod 50mm. …
  • 6) Sonik Vader X RS Carp Rods. …
  • 7) Daiwa Longbow DF Carp Rods. …
  • 8) Nash Scope Abbreviated Rods. …
  • 9) Greys Stalking Rods. …
  • 10) JRC Contact Carp Rods.
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What are the best budget carp rods?

We’ve selected some of the best rod choices to go for on a £100 budget!



What should I look for in carp rods?

most carp rods are 12ft-13ft in length. You should choose the length which feels most comfortable but bear in mind that you will need to be reasonably tall and strong as well as having a good technique to get the best out of a 13ft rod. In situations where there are overhanging trees, a longer rod can be a hindrance.

Are korum reels any good?

Thanks to five double-shielded bearings the reels are wobble-free and impressively powerful. … The transition from freespool to engagement mode is crisp and clunk-free, and the front drag spool system kicks in without a hook-pulling jolt when you engage it to do battle.

Are korum rods any good?

Great rods. As for Korum rods…. I had a couple of their CS feeders and they were very good. A bit undergunned for “proper” carping but based on my experiences I would have no problem with using Korum’s out and out carp rods.

What test curve carp rod should I buy?

Carp rod test curves explained

A 3lb-test-curve rod is now classed as an all-rounder, with 3.5lb and 3.75lb test curves more suited to casting long distances. A 2.75lb or 2.5lb rod will be softer and arguably more fun but won’t have huge casting power.

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What are the best 12ft carp rods?

In fact one of the best carp rods of 2019.

  • Daiwa Basia DF X45 TT Alps Carp Rod. Another one of the best carp rods. …
  • Nash Scope Black Ops Carp Rod. …
  • Nash Scope TT Cork Handle Carp Rod. …
  • Shimano TX2 Cork Carp Rod. …
  • Trakker Propel Carp Rod. …
  • Wychwood Maximiser 12ft 3.5lb Carp Rod. …
  • ESP Terry Hearn Classic Carp Rod 50mm.


Are 10ft rods good for carp fishing?

Many anglers prefer 10-foot carp rods for fishing rivers and small lakes. This shorter length rod is also ideal for stalking carp around the margins because you can get amongst undergrowth and around trees much easier.

What size hook is best for carp?

The best carp fishing hooks are #4 or #6 circle hooks. Some Europeans prefer #8 circle hooks for their smaller more indiscreet size.

What is the best size carp rod?

Best Carp Rods

  • 1.3 Fox EOS 12 foot Carp Rod.
  • 1.4 Sonic Vader X Carp Rod.
  • 1.5 Shimano Carp Tribal TX2 12ft 3lb Rod.
  • 1.6 Greys Prodigy Apex Carp Rod.
  • 1.7 Daiwa 12′ Longbow X45 DF Carp Rod.
  • 1.8 Nash Scope Carp Rod.
  • 1.9 Wychwood Riot Carp Rods.
  • 1.10 Shakespeare Cypry Carp Rod.


Why are carp rods so long?

The main reason being that longer carp fishing rods are more efficient at landing big fish quickly and safely. The added strength and power gives greater control of the fish to aid in steering them away from weed beds and other possible hazards.

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How many rods do you need for carp fishing?

A pair of rods will double your chances of catching but three rods can be a bit too much for all but very experienced carpers, as hooked fish can wipe out other lines.

What are the best 10ft carp rods?

Anyway, let’s dive straight in with my current choice of 10ft rod and one that I use an awful lot in my fishing, the TT Scopes!

  • Nash Scope TT Rods. …
  • Nash Scope Black Ops. …
  • Wychwood Extricator Plus Rods. …
  • Nash Dwarf Shrink 10ft Rod. …
  • Sonik Vader X Rods. …
  • Gardener GTC Continental Carp Rod. …
  • ESP 10ft 3lb Stalker Rod.


Can you use pike rods for carp fishing?

If you have a 2.5lb test curve carp rod – or two – you’re well on your way to being able to successfully tackle pike with baits. … But if you wish to use bigger baits and be able to cast a bait a long way then you’ll need proper pike rods that have test curves of 3lb.

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