Frequent question: Are feeder fish bad for fish?

The feeder fish bought at stores are also kept in even poorer conditions than the ones meant for ornamental use. They are often riddled with disease and malnourished, thus passing on nothing but disease and poor nutrition to the fish that consume them.

Is it cruel to use feeder fish?

If you absolutely have to use live feeder fish, then the important thing is to avoid using the cheap, feeder-quality, goldfish and guppies often recommended because of the risk of introducing parasites. The only safe approach is to breed your own livebearers, such as mollies and guppies, and use their offspring.

Should you use feeder fish?

Advantages of using feeder fish

The species of fish usually sold as feeder fish are invariably some of the easiest fish for fishkeepers to rear and breed, such as common goldfish and guppies. Typically, these species are tolerant of overcrowding and have a high fecundity and rapid growth rate.

Do feeder fish make good pets?

Feeder fish really serve no legitimate purpose in the pet trade. And, honestly, I’m not coming from the “feeding live animals is cruel” camp with that statement. … Very few fish require live foods, and it is easy enough to avoid those particular fish if you do not believe in feeding live animals to other animals.

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Will feeder fish eat other fish?

While some people only feed their larger fish pellets, flakes, and other smaller live foods, fish are hunters for the most part. This means that they like to eat other fish, as they do naturally in the wild.

Why do feeder fish die so quickly?

Rapid swings in water temperature, pH or salinity can shock a fish, which soon leads to death. It is for this reason that you should acclimate any fish that you bring home before adding them to your aquarium. There can be a large difference between the water in the bag and the water in your aquarium.

What type of fish does Petco sell?

Petco Live Freshwater Fish

  • Cory Catfish often prefer the bottom of the aquarium and are usually natural and effective cleaners. …
  • Betta These fish are popular for their vibrant coloring and graceful fins. …
  • Goldfish Perhaps the most common fish pet, goldfish are often the longest-living freshwater fish.

Do feeder fish live long?

As others have said, if you’re talking about the little common or comet goldfish that are commonly sold as “feeders,” they can potentially live 20 years or more—IF they don’t succumb to diseases or toxicity or parasites from the horrific conditions they’re bred and kept in, and IF they’re provided with lots and lots …

Can feeder fish live with goldfish?

Dojo Loach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus)

If you don’t have at least a 75 gallon tank, just pass on by this species. They are an interesting bottom feeder that is very compatible with goldfish. But they can easily reach a length of 1 foot (30 centimeters) and should be kept in a group of three or more.

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Do feeder fish need a heater?

Do feeder guppies need a heater? Yes, guppies need a heater.

Why do feeder goldfish die easily?

The number one reason most Goldfish die quickly is due to poor water quality. There are many possible issues with water quality that could lead to mass die-offs.

What kind of fish eat feeder fish?

As a side note to the original question: fully grown oscars can eat feeder fish, but it should NOT be a regular part of their diet. Feeder fish are usually goldfish, which are very fatty and have almost no nutritional value to cichlids. I only fed them to my oscar very occasionally to show him off to visitors.

How often should you feed feeder fish?

How Often Should I Feed My Fish? For the most part, feeding your fish once or twice a day is sufficient. Some hobbyists even fast their fish one or two days a week to allow them to clear their digestive systems. Larger, more sedentary fish can go longer between meals than smaller, more active fish.

Why do fish attack dying fish?

Typically when a fish is sick, the other members of a school will attack that fish because a sick fish that is so sick that it’s noticeable rarely recovers, and the other fish will see that as an opportunity to eat since a school only exists to find food and escape predators and if they stay with the sick fish, they …

Why is my fish chasing other fish?

One fish might try to chase another fish out of its territory, but doesn’t actually plan to hurt the trespasser if it doesn’t have to. … They’re basically trying to protect their breeding ground, and a fish of the same species and sex is competition.

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