Does Rapala own 13 fishing?

Rapala owns a 49 percent stake in 13 Fishing, has exclusive rights to the Okuma fishing brand in Europe and Russia and sponsors a number of professional fishermen.

Who bought 13 fishing?

ORLANDO — Rapala has purchased a 49% stake in meteoric tackle company 13 Fishing, FTR has confirmed. According to Rapala, the deal includes the international distribution rights for 13 Fishing products.

What companies does Rapala own?

The Group brand portfolio includes the leading brand in the industry, Rapala, and other global brands like VMC, Sufix, Storm, Blue Fox, Luhr Jensen, Williamson, Dynamite Baits, Mora Ice, StrikeMaster, Marttiini and Peltonen.

Where are 13 fishing lures?

13 Fishing Reels Are Made in Clearwater

The production of quality fishing reels, rods, and baits has helped hundreds of anglers to have successful fishing expeditions.

Is 13 fishing a good brand?

Their baitcasters are very good. If you want to ”get a feel for them,” buy the 13 Fishing Concept A. Overall it’s a very interesting and in my opinion, good company.

What is the best 13 fishing reel?

13 Fishing Rod And Reel Buyer’s Guide

  • Good – Source X ($59.95) …
  • Better – Creed X ($104.95) …
  • Best – Creed GT ($134.95) …
  • Good – Origin C ($169.95) …
  • Better – Inception SZ ($254.95) …
  • Best – NEW Concept Z SLD ($419.95) …
  • Other Mentions. …
  • Good – Defy Black ($74.95)
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How long has 13 fishing been around?

Founded in 2012, 13 Fishing has evolved into a respected brand generating over $25 million in annual sales.

Does Rapala own StrikeMaster?

Finnish fishing tackle giant Rapala VMC Corp. has acquired StrikeMaster Corp. of Big Lake, Minn., a leading supplier of ice augers, in a deal that gives Rapala the proverbial opening in the ice fishing business.

Who owns Storm lures?

Now, Gary and Bill Storm, the founders, plus a third brother, Richard, preside over a prosperous company producing 14 different artificial baits for an international market.

Is Rapala a good brand?

For me, Rapala definitely lives up to its name as a high-profile and superior brand in the fishing community. No wonder they produce over 20 million lures every year.

Are there any American made spinning reels?

During our research we came across a range of impressive reels made in the USA. Companies like Galvan Fly Reels, Aspen, and Lamson are making incredible reels for both fly fishing and spinning and casting.

Who owns Rapala lures?

Rapala owns a 49 percent stake in 13 Fishing, has exclusive rights to the Okuma fishing brand in Europe and Russia and sponsors a number of professional fishermen.


Type Public
Key people Nicolas Warchalowski (CEO) Louis Audemard D’Alançon (Chairman)
Products Fishing lures, tools, knives, clothing and accessories

Where is Shimano reels made?

This reel is made in Japan where Shimano makes most of it premium reels.

Does 13 fishing make good rods?

Although these rods were just made available today, we’ve had an opportunity to fish with them for several months. It has handled everything I’ve thrown at it and it has proven to be a very versatile rod, especially given the $130 price point. …

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Is 13 fishing an American company?

Now, one of the fastest growing recreational fishing brands in USA, 13 Fishing, has started to fill retail stores, tackle bags, rod holders and the hands of anglers around the world as Rapala VMC Corporation begins its rollout of the Florida-based fishing tackle brand globally.

Are 13 fishing spinning reels good?

13 fishing products are without a doubt a top tier company. People having problems want the reel to cast and catch fish by itself. The reel is awesome and recommended buying 13 products all the way.

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