Do you need a fishing permit to fish Loch Lomond?

Nearby, excellent river fishing is found on the River Fruin, River Leven and River Endrick. Permits are available for game and coarse angling on Loch Lomond and its tributaries. Boats can be hired for use on Loch Lomond from Balloch. Loch Long, a short drive away, offers sea fishing.

Do you need a permit to fish on Loch Lomond?

When fishing for salmon and sea trout you must always have legal right or written permission. Kelts (salmon that have spawned) or fish that are ready to spawn must always be returned to the water. Anglers fishing for salmon or trout should only use one rod which must be held in the hand.

Can I fish at Loch Lomond?

Loch Lomond/Виды рыб

Is Loch Lomond free to fish?

The western part of the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park is known for its sea lochs. Fishing in this part of the National Park is for free throughout the whole year and possible from boat and bank.

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Do you need a permit to fish Loch Long?

Below you can see a list of all Lochs and Rivers that are good for fishing.

Fishing Permits – Lochs and Rivers.

Loch & River Loch Long
Towns Arrochar
Fish Cod, whiting, plaice, mackerel, skate, wrasse, pollack, spurdog
Restrictions from boat and bank, no salmon and sea trout fishing
Permits Coylet Inn Tel: 01369 840425

What fish is in Loch Lomond?

Loch Lomond/Виды рыб

Where can I buy a permit for Loch Lomond?

Fishing permits can be bought from a number of locations within the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, including from the Luss Village Shop.

What fish are in Loch Earn?

Озеро Ирн/Виды рыб

Can I fish in River Dee?

Buy Fishing

The character of the river makes it ideal for fly fishing. The fast flowing, crystal clear waters are home to a succession of salmon pools that provide the angler with some of the finest fly water in Europe.

How much is a fishing permit in Scotland?

Daily permits

A Daily Permit is available to all anglers, regardless of their home address, including visitors to the area. For Spring fishing (January – June) this costs £10.00 and for Summer fishing (July – October) this is £15.00.

Where is Loch Lomond in Scotland?

Where is Loch Lomond? Loch Lomond is in southern Scotland, approximately 1 hour’s drive from Glasgow. With Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park being so vast, around 50% of Scotland’s total population lives within an hour’s drive of the National Park!

Can you hire a boat on Loch Lomond?

Loch Lomond Leisure have all your Outdoor Adventures covered! Speedboat Tours, Boat Hire, Watersports, Activities, Stag Party Packages, Hen Party Packages, Corporate Packages & Wedding Packages.

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Can you swim in Loch Long?

Loch Morar

Wildly beautiful 12-mile long loch surrounded by natural woodland and open hillside. The deepest loch in the British Isles and a great place to swim, fish or explore by small boat.

Is there salmon in Loch Lomond?

One of the greatest wildlife spectacles the Park has to offer is the autumn salmon run. From September onwards, when the rivers are in spate, the gleaming, silvery fish leap and tumble up seemingly unscaleable waterfalls to get back to their spawning grounds to breed.

Can you kayak on Loch Long?

Access to open water paddling by canoe or kayak is particularly good within the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park too. In particular Loch Drunkie on the Three Lochs Forest Drive, Loch Achray, Loch Ard and Loch Katrine at the Stronachlachar end.

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