Can you fish Upper Bidwell Park?

Fishing is only allowed in Upper Park.

Can you fish in Bidwell Park?

Safe and courteous riding is the Park standard. Check California Fish and Game Regulations for fishing in Big Chico Creek. Horseshoe Lake: age 14 and over. catch and release; under age 14: catch and keep.

Can you fish Big Chico Creek?

Big Chico Creek in the reserve (and most of Upper Bidwell Park) is open to fishing with single-hook artificial lures and zero limit from Nov. 1 through April 30. Only artificial lures with barbless hooks may be used. (Refer to CDFW Fishing Regulations).

Are dogs allowed in Bidwell Park?

Along the undeveloped north side of Upper Park Road, dogs may be off leash anytime so long as they remain under voice control. … Dogs are not allowed in One-Mile or Five-Mile swimming areas, or swimming holes in Upper Park.

What kind of fish are in Big Chico Creek?

Big Chico Creek is a northern Central Valley stream that supports populations of both steelhead and resident rainbow trout.

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