Can you fish Redmire Pool?

Redmire Pool is near Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire, England. At only 3 acres (1.2 ha) in size it is considered by angling experts to be the home of carp fishing.

Can you still fish Redmire Pool?

Sunday 6th March 2022 – Monday 14th March 2022. (

Please remember that fishing on Redmire is open to all. It is not necessary to be a member of any particular association, society or club to book fishing on the pool.

How much did Redmire Pool sell for?

Britain’s most famous lake could be closed for fishing as the country estate it’s on is on the verge of being sold. Historic Redmire Pool is on the 120 acre Bernithan Court near Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, which is on the market with top estate agents Strutt and Parker for £3.25 million.

Who caught Clarissa?

“On September 13th, 1952, shortly before 5am, Richard Walker caught the most famous carp in English history, ‘Clarissa’. The fish smashed the carp record, weighing in at 44lbs.

How old was Clarissa the Carp?

Well, we have Clarissa, the former record carp, to thank for this insight. In his paper of 2000, “Can Fish Outlive Anglers?” Dr Bruno Broughton says of Clarissa: “Scales taken at the time of capture (1952) revealed that the fish was aged 15 years.

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How big is redmire?

Redmire Pool is near Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire, England. At only 3 acres (1.2 ha) in size it is considered by angling experts to be the home of carp fishing. The earliest sign of its potential was unveiled on 3 October 1951 when a British record carp of 31.25 lb (14.17 kg) was caught by Bob Richards.

What is the UK carp record?

The current British record for a carp is held by Dean Fletcher who caught a specimen weighing 68lbs 10z at the Wasing estate fishery in Berkshire in 2016.

Where Chris Yates live?

A photographer and writer, he lives in Salisbury with his four children: Camilla, 21, Alex, 18, William, 16, and Ellen, 14.

How long do carp live for?

карп/Продолжительность жизни

Who is Richard Walker Iceland?

Richard Walker, managing director of Iceland, the frozen-food chain whose headquarters is seven miles away in Deeside, has been making ample use of the company chopper. While it is not unusual for executives to travel in style, Walker makes for a surprising passenger.

When did Clarissa the carp die?

Well-known member

Clarissa died May 1971 of old age if I remember right. Blimey! That WAS a long time ago I went to see her then. I distinctly remember gazing in awe at such a big fish.

What is the oldest carp?

A Japanese Koi carp is believed to be the longest living freshwater fish ever recorded, having lived to the incredible age of 226 before dying in 1977. The scarlet-coloured female Higoi, called Hanako, was born in 1751 in the middle of the Tokugawa era in Japan.

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What is the bream record?

A new British record bream has been caught at a weight of 22lb 12oz. Anglers Mail secured the exclusive pictures of the fish, which was landed by specimen angler Scot Crook from Cambridgeshire’s Ferry Lagoon, a super-tough water that has been well known for a number of years for its record breaking potential.

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