Are Swedish Pimples good for ice fishing?

Swedish Pimples are superb jigging lures that are very popular for ice fishing. This type of lure has been widely used in Sweden for over 100 years with exceptional results on both fresh and saltwater fish. Jig it summer or winter!

How do you ice fish with a Swedish Pimple?

To use a Swedish Pimple for ice fishing, drop your fishing line with the Swedish Pimple attached into the hole in the ice, and lower the line slowly further into the water. Let it rest for a few seconds. Then, “jig” the line several times by making a snapping motion with your wrist. Wait a while.

Can you cast a Swedish Pimple?

These can be tough to cast, but with the finicky speedsters, you have to closely match the size of the baitfish present to get hit, and this year the bait was small. I’ve also fished the size 14, a 4-ounce lure, for black sea bass with great success.

What is the best bait for ice fishing?

For ice fishing live bait, try wax worms (bee moth larva), maggots, spikes (fly larvae), wigglers (mayfly larvae) or minnows. You can drop your bait and leave it alone, or you can slowly jig to attract the fish.

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Where are Swedish pimples made?

But the technique is productive in open water, though you only really hear it talked about much for lake trout and whitefish. Vertical jigging spoons can be killers for bass, walleye, pike — just about anything. One of the most unique jigging spoons on the market — the Swedish Pimple — is made in Michigan.

Who makes the Swedish Pimple?

The Swedish Pimple was created by two brothers more than 50 years ago based on successful jigging lures in Sweden. They started the Bay de Noc Lure Company and developed a line of productive fishing lures that continue to be crafted by hand today.

What are jigging spoons?

VERTICAL JIGGING The purpose of jigging a spoon is to create the appearance of a crippled or distressed fish. While many lures have a built-in action, jigging will enhance it, making the lure even more appealing.

What’s a Swedish Pimple?

Product description. The Swedish Pimple is a superb jigging lure. This type of lure has been widely used in Sweden for over 100 years with exceptional results on both fresh and salt-water fish. Jig it, summer or winter!

What is an ice jig?

Tungsten ice jigs are a hot trend on hard-water. Lure selections from manufacturers are growing, and more anglers are seeing the unique advantages tungsten provides on ice. Small jigs that “fish heavy” are a main ingredient for many crappie ice fishing tactics.

What time of day is best for ice fishing?

Generally, ice fishing is most productive in the early morning before sunrise and then again as the sun is going down. Of course, you can ice fish during the day but the prime hours are early in the morning and at night. That is when the fish feed. Watch for a “calm before the storm” period.

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Do I need special line for ice fishing?

No doubt, for maximum ice-fishing success, you need a line that can combat the ice-fishing challenges. Trilene Cold Weather and Trilene Micro Ice lines were developed with ice anglers in mind. Cold Weather line is blue, so it shows up well against the snow, while Micro Ice is clear, making it invisible below the water.

How do you attract fish when ice fishing?

Other ways to attract fish while ice fishing

  1. Switch from a vertical jig to a horizontal one. Sometimes all you need is a little variety in your lures. …
  2. Twist your line. Most ice anglers move their line up and down. …
  3. Cover the hole. Another trick to attracting fish is to cover your fishing hole with ice shavings.


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